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"What, what what?!"

"It's Harry! He's right behind you!"

"Oh, shit. Ok. Act normal."

"I can't. He already seen me! And he's coming over, oh shit."

"Take deep breaths hoe, Jesus. For you make me have a heart attack for you."

"Estella." His voice never failing to make her body heat up with nervousness, her simply looking up at him, playing off a generous smile when really she was freaking the hell out underneath.

"Harry. What are you doing here?"

"You forgot I'm here for like one more night?" He chuckled, her sighing, remembering he stated that last night.

"I'll give you two time to talk," Raye announced, grabbing her phone and her purse before standing up, Estella sending her glare, praying for her to sit back down but she winked at her. "I'll see you at the hotel?"

Once she walked away, Harry made his effort and took a seat across from Estella, which she dreaded upon at first, but she figured why not since she has been thinking about him ever since last night. The only reason why she got so afraid was because he made her anxious, no matter what he did. Even if he did something so little like smirk or laugh, stare down at her like a hawk and or speak with that thick accent he held, he made her tremble. "Looks like you're trying to avoid me. Sorry if I've done something wrong."

"No, you've done nothing wrong. You just make me nervous." She had to admit, seeming as though he might have known that already. Harry grinned, twisting a ring on his finger as he eyed her entire face in deep concentration, loving​ her face so much. He even daydreamed about it, wishing to hear her voice again, all night long. He could barely even sleep because she was on his mind that much it kept him awake.

"Good. So is it alright if we walk around?"

She knew this was his way of asking her out on a date, clearly it had been. "It's called a date, if that's what I'm assuming you want."

"Hey, you said it first. Not me." He made her laugh, Harry offering to pay for their lunch before she grabbed her sketchbook and shoved it in her huge Michael Kors bag before walking besides Harry as they explored Paris. Their day had literally consisted of exploring any luxurious architectural museum and lovely gardens where they both shared lunch by the fountains, that is until it rained for a short time, but there were a few covered pavilions for them to find shelter. The Louvre was definitely their most favorite museum, a museum which held one of the most famous paintings Leonardo Da Vinci had ever created; the Mona Lisa.

Harry and Estella probably talked about the painting for at least an hour, arguing over how one either thought the painting still looked weird till this day or the other trying to convince the other about the purpose behind the painting itself. It wasn't made to impress, it was made to express. Express how she felt in that moment as he painted her, possibly a nonexistent woman who may have been running around in his mind. No one ever knew the true significance behind the portrait, though many had various types of opinions on it.

Paris was not only a masterpiece for bright lights, but also a masterpiece for pastry. Estella dragged Harry into plenty of pastry shops where they both tried out a couple of croissants, even ones filled with blueberry or chocolate. They even went caramel shopping and bought bags of caramel as if it was plain candy. There was also a shop where you could buy butter, Estella protesting at first but Harry had claimed that the butter in Paris was actually astonishing. She felt greedy when she ate an actual stick of oddly delicious butter, it not even tasting like butter at all, more like a bunch of sugar.

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