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SHE COULDN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. Even currently while her hand flicked around in different angles across her sketchbook to design the perfect creation for a wedding dress that she had been planning to make for her best friend, stopping a few times only because the alluring man with curly hair wouldn't disappear from her mind. It was odd of her to think of someone like this and she's only known them for little over 12 hours ago. Estella took a sip of her cucumber and lemon detox drink, eyes flickering from her sketch and to Raye who had been talking to her but she was paying no type of attention to.

"I think he's been stressed out with himself about this whole thing. I mean, getting married is very stressful, with planning the wedding and everything. I just hope he isn't having second thoughts about us." Raye frowned, digging her fork into her caesar salad

"Don't pressure yourself about this for one," Estella began, keeping her attention on her. "Two, I'm pretty sure Damiun is not having second thoughts. He's been sure about this from the start. All you need to worry about is getting your dress, which I am working on-"

"I'm pregnant." Raye suddenly bursts out, Estella freezing immediately, not even believing her ears at all. After all, it was pretty early and she was absolutely tired, so she was positive she heard something else.

"Tell me you didn't say what I think you just said."

"I know, I didn't wanna believe it either but it's true," She almost broke down in tears, feeling unbelievably overwhelmed with everything. "I found out last week. I didn't want to tell you yet because I wanted you to have a good time here in Paris but even though we're here for my wedding, I didn't want to throw more shit on your shoulders. I don't know how I can tell Damiun. I don't know how he'll react."

To say Estella was stunned was an understatement. She was absolutely ecstatic about this, her hands going to her mouth before she screamed in happiness for her friend. "Raye, you're fucking pregnant! You should be happy about this. It's a beautiful blessing."

"I know, and I am happy. But I'm also scared."

"Trust me, I know he's going to be so happy. You know how he gets even if you mention a baby. I mean, just remember how excited he gets any and every time he has to babysit his cousins. He loves babies, adores them actually." She reassured her, reaching over to rub her hand.

"Yeah, I think you're right." She finally smiled.

"How will you tell him?"

"Maybe wedding night. It'll be more of a secret surprise."

She agreed with her, the both of them finishing their meals before discussing setups for her wedding. Estella offered to be their wedding planner, only because she was the best at doing it. Her ideas always fit Raye' imagination and she always had this way of bringing exquisite designs to life. Her dress was almost done, the handmaid gown that was also created by Estella needing only a few more beading embellishments done to it before it was ready for presentation.

While lifting her head up, her heart instantly began pounding against her chest quicker than it's normal rate when she spotted a familiar curly haired boy who had been casually walking down the block with his eyes glued to his cell phone, not before he rose his head and immediately locked eyes with her as well. A small grin was printed on his face and Estella dropped her pen, gazing down at the table before mumbling a bunch of incoherent words Raye couldn't make out.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." She panicked, not knowing what to do. Even though she's only had a deep conversation with this man, shared expensive wine and relished on fancy foods only a few hours ago, she felt pressured to be under his gaze again. He intimidated her way too much, too much in a way she had yet to contain.

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