~ Their Accomplice ~

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Lightning struck across the midnight sky, with a loud BOOM! following behind it. Our red van sat on the side of an abandoned road. We were on a mission, and that was to watch.

"Look! Just as the boss said, they're here." My partner said, pointing to the two of them walking by.

A smile spread across my face. "Good, good. The boss never fails us." I responded back.

My partner nodded in agreement and we watched silently. But then one of the girls looked back at the street where we were parked. It's way too dark for her to be able to spot us. I thought.

"Don't worry, she can't see us." My partner whispered like they might hear us.

We were both right as the girl looked away and continued on her way.

We waited as the girls got farther away from us, then I pulled the van out slowly. I kept the lights low and matched the booming thunder from above. The engine was only at a quiet purr that way they couldn't make it out.

One of the young girls looked behind again, but only darkness laid out in front of her eyes. I stopped the car just to make sure though. As I continued to drive, the girls picked up their pace. That's when rain pattered down loudly on the van's roof. It nearly scared the life out of me.

"Get closer, they've only got a little more to go before they reach their street..."

I glared at my partner who was always trying to be number one. But it also angered me that he kept being distracting.

"How would you know?" I question with a snarl.

"Boss told me, their street is the only one with an orange lantern." We're sitting at the 700th block of E Kyle right now, I can see that the next street has an orange lantern. He started to talk again, distracting me from my thoughts, "Which can only mean they live on the 800th block of E Monroe St." My partner sounded proud of himself.

"Mhmm..." I mumbled annoyed by his rambling, I didn't even bother listening.


The sky awoke above us and my partner jumped startled. In shock, I accidently hit the switch for the brights. Shoot! They can see us now. I thought. I would have turned them off but the girls were already facing us, Ugh. I guess we can use this to our advantage. They won't be able to see our faces. We had been lucky.

The two girls looked back at each other and then started to run.

"We got us some runners this time." I smirked at my partner and he was grinning back.

They were running to their street but the girl with brown hair slipped on the wet ground. My partner and I jumped out of the van, running towards the girls, the girl with blonde hair was helping the other girl up.

I caught up with the girl who was shorter, she was the one with blonde hair. I grabbed the back of her shirt and yanked her back. I quickly put my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't alarm the brown haired girl who was already rushing down their street.

"Let's go Adley!" She yelled without looking back.

I couldn't help myself from grinning as my partner came up behind me, he had rope to tie up this small one.

"Oww!!" I screamed.

The girl bit my hand harshly and started to run.

"You runt!" I screamed. I ran at her with my full speed and grabbed her leg. Making her fall. Her nose hit the pavement with a crack.

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