Chapter 15 : What to Do

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"Hmmm...let's see now...where should I hide your body?" I looked around the forest thinking of a place where I could hide her body

"But then again I can just revive you...but that would be no fun now would it?" 

After hours of pacing around I kneeled down and next to her and carried her lifeless body out of the forest to her house where this weird looking cat was staring at me from her window

I kicked opened that door with her still in my arms the cat from the window jumped down from its perch and slowly stalked me into the living room where I put Jane's lifeless body on the couch

"So what should I do? where should I hide your body?"


'What the hell happened now?' I asked myself as I saw a man carrying Jane in his arms as he kicked the door open and glanced my way then continued walking towards the couch and gently putting down Janes' lifeless body down

"So what should I do? where should I hide your body?" he huffed looking around then then kneeled beside Jane I turned my head in confusion

'Who is this person?' I ask myself

As he brushed her hair aside tucking it behind her ear I noticed that she wasn't breathing and started to panic, I started to pace around and I guess the person that carried Jane here noticed my agitation and walked my way 

"C'mere kitty" he said in a gentle voice stretching his hand out I felt the urge to get closer but I refused

"She's gonna be fine I promise" and with that he stood back up walked towards the couch look at Jane for a minute or two then placed a kiss on her cheek and left


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