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GLITTER AND DIVERSITY; THOSE TWO WORDS demonstrated the elegance and importance behind the fashion itself without a trace of distasteful criticism. Even behind the beauty itself, she wondered if the press would see it that way, other than degrade the fact that the fashion, including the models- had been dressed in not only all black, but came from many different colorful races. High-End fashion intended to point out the unnecessary and go behind what the point was to introduce a new world of fashion. They wanted to rip away the importance of having your own idea of this kind of product and wanted you to be as simple but not similar to other brands. But Estella didn't see it that way, not one bit. She looked past the fact that this was just a fashion show and people only came to make appearances because they wanted to show off their own style by many other known brands that would have people talking loads.

Her father was known to be apart of those many High-End brand owners, but would never disrespect the meaning behind the art itself. Sei Bellissima was his company, a very successful one indeed as a matter-a-fact. Her father, Alex Perez, built this company from the start in a little country called Puerto Rico back in 1991, the exact year he so happened to meet a beautiful woman and got her pregnant, therefore giving birth to Estella. Alex and Evelyn, her mother and father continued to achieve their goals, all the while taking care of her and her 3 more siblings that came along after their business became recognized in the fashion industry. Estella followed after her father's footsteps and majored in not only fashion design, but in her personal favorite, fine arts.

You could say she's had an amazing lifestyle so far, with fame and money. But that's not what she sees her father's work for, neither their lifestyle. Estella cared nothing about the fame and fortune. Although it was very sumptuous, she wasn't in this for the money. Estella loved what her father did in general, to see how far he made it resembled how appreciative she was towards him enough to make her want to pursue her own dreams in that same category.

"If you really love me, would you believe me if I said you look like total eye candy right now?" One of her best friends whispered in her ear, Estella turning to her side in her seat, meeting the big browned-eyed girl with a bright smile next to her with a proud smirk.

"Honey, I believe you no matter what, so thank you." Estella informed her, very flattered.

"Oh no, I didn't mean to me. Although yes, you look gorgeous. But I was talking about the guy that's sitting a few feet across the runway from us." She quietly whispered to her, Estella going to look in his direction but Raye immediately stopped her from embarrassing herself, knowing that she would make some type of gesture that would have the man questioning her all night.

"Don't look at him you dummy! You're gonna make it seem like we're actually talking about him." She rolled her eyes.

"I have to at least see what he looks like, Raye."

"One word; orgasm worthy."

"That's two words," She blinked before sighing. "Just take a picture for me. But do it secretly."

Estella handed Raye her phone, Raye faking as if she was fixing her hair and or taking selfies, when really she was snapping photos of the hot guy across the runway. A couple of models whom have been walking by sort of caught her off guard, taking pictures of some of their outfits before continuing her process of finding her friends dream man.

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