6. 𝕾𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖔𝖑

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6 - In my head ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ


"You heard me. Now get out my sight."

You ran upstairs into your room before breaking down completely. Why would she say such a thing?  Is she serious? Who were you kidding. Of course she was. Your mom does a lot of things but joking was not one of them. 

You were in the corner of your room with no lights on, crying your eyes out. You now had to keep your grades up or your out of the house. School is hard and the stressful and life doesn't help.  You were having such fun with the new people you meet, that you forgot your mother will always ruin it. You decided you should get a new job just in case you don't get good enough grades.  There is is always a test in the beginning of the semester that can determine your grades. You had to ace it.

Today was a new day.  The had your first quiz of the semester coming up. You tried to forget what happened over the weekend and focus on your grades. You were on your way to school when you saw Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo. Everything that happened between Kagura came back to you. To avoid the stress,  you went the other way. 

"Hey isn't that y/n?" Your plan of not being seen has already failed. 

"Yea, It looks like it." Yuki says looking over at you. Kyo saw you as soon as you four crossed paths but didn't say anything. Last time he saw you, you left pretty angry. 

"We should go say hello." Before the boys could answer, Tohru came running after you into the school.

"Y/n! Wait up." You turn around to see Tohru running after you. You didn't want to be rude but you really didn't want to talk to them. You felt like you would just make things worse. 

"Sorry Ill catch you guys later." And with that you left. You were scared they would push you away when they stopped liking you. You didn't want to get hurt by them, so what better way to avoid that than to leave them first.

They watch as You walked away with your head down.  Tohru turned around back to Yuki and Kyo giving them a worried glance.

"Is she okay? Did I do something wrong? I should go apologize." Before Tohru could run after you, Yuki garbed her hand holding her back.

"If she is upset about something we should give her space." Yuki said giving Tohru a small smile. Tohru nodded giving him a smile back. The two started there way of to class with Kyo following behind. 

In class you were taking twice as much notes than usual yet you still understood nothing. You didn't want to raise your hand and ask a question because that would make you seem stupid.

 After class was over, you stayed back after class to go over todays lessons. The whole time you talked to your teacher, everything she said went in one ear and out the other. So now you just spent an extra hour listing to your teacher talk and still not understanding anything. 

Asking her to go over what she was saying didn't do anything. You really couldn't get what she meant, you didn't want her to go over it again, so you just nodded.

After meeting with your teacher, you were walking through the hallways about to go home when you heard a lot of commotion so you went in that direction. You turn the corner to find the student console president talking to the Sohma's and Tohru. You went up behind Tohru and through your arms around her shoulders with your head text to hers, resting on your arm.

"Hey." you whisper in her ear making her jump.

"Ahh! Y/n you scared me." she said. You took your arms from around the girl, laughing.

"I'm sorry. What's going on though?" You asked.

" Hatsuharu is getting dress coded. Apparently what him and Momiji are wearing are breaking the dress code." You look over to see Haru dragging the president in to the bath room. A few moment later Haru comes out fixing his cloths and the president being shocked.

"I see. So that is  your real hair color." Then the president walked away. 

"Umm...Haru? How did you prove that was your hair color?" Tohru was completely serious making you burst out laughing. Haru graded her face whispering something in Tohru ear making he blush.

It was finally the day of the quiz and you were ready to go.

"Okay class, today is the first test of the semester. This will affect your grade if you don't perform well."

It was finally the of the big quiz. You were up all night studying like crazy. You were sure that you're going to ace this test and prove your mom wrong. following your normal morning routine you made it to school all fueled up. You took your seat and started your test.

An hour or so later the test was finally done. You answered most pf you questions with confidence.

"How do you think you did on the test?" Tohru asked.

"I think I did good actually." You told here. You were so tired you started your way back home to catch up on sleep that you o so needed. Once you made it home, you feel asleep the second you hit the bed.

Now we wait. 


I am on a roll with these updates. 

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