Lindsey point of view
3 days later

I felt the now familiar pain of lightning hit my back, making me flinch slightly. Its been 3 days since I've been kidnapped. my hope has been slowly going away of Jon and Emile finding me. I mean they let me get kidnapped! They didn't even try to help me as I screamed for their names. All they did was sleep, ignoring me. 'Dad' has told me that we've been staying at our old house for the past few days. I think I'm in my old room, nothing seemed to have changed. Accept that the bed was now no ware to be seen and the paint was starting to peel off the wall. I sat up and went over to a corner, curling up into a ball. I cried silent tears, fearing for my life.

Jon's Point of View
I curled up under the covers, tears falling off my face. We haven't been able to find her, Shes just gone.Cole has came over and stayed over, he said he wasn't leaving till he knew she was safe. We've all stopped posting videos for all of our channels to busy to record you could say.
"J-Jon! The police! They said they might know where she is!!" Emile yelled down the hallway so that Cole and I could hear. I bolted up and ran down the hallway, Cole following me a second later.I being the clumsy person I am tripped while running down the steps.
"Fuck shit dammit Fuck again!" I yelled down the steps as I tumbled. Before I hit the floor I was caught by Emile laughing his ass off. I smacked him lightly and sat up.
"Ok now where is she at?" I asked my voice croaky I haven't spoken in days

"Her old house"
Hiya totally forgot about the schedule been busy like asses being fucked xD.
Next time Surprises

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