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First hello and welcome to my story

I would like to say that I am terrible at writing stories and making titles so I am warning you now

Kirishima's POV
     I was on my way up to my boyfriend, Katsuki's dorm room. I decide I'm not gonna knock because at this point we share the dorm so I walked in and... "k-katsuki?"

     "K-Kiri..." I walked in on ururaka on Bakugo's lap. "What the hell" is all I could manage to say. "K-Kiri, look I can explain its not what you think" "I don't need an explanation I already can see what's going on here" I walk back towards the door, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. I hesitate for a moment before continuing through the door and slamming it behind me.

     "Kiri? Are you ok?" I hear a voice say. I look up to see Mina standing there. "Y-Yea" I say showing a fake smile. "I can tell that's not true, come on let's go to my dorm and you can explain what happened"

     We walked to her dorm and at this point I'm full on crying. When we got there I walked in and she shut the door behind herself. "So, explain what happened" she says. "W-Well I was on my way to Bakugos dorm and, I walked in and saw ururaka on his lap" I somehow manage to say that as I remember the scene.

     "That bitch"  I hear Mina say. I still haven't fully realized what happened.

Mina's POV
    "That bitch" is all I could say after that, and honestly I didn't know whether I was talking about bakugo or ururaka. I could tell Kiri was very upset. "So, what are we gonna do about this?" I say. "I don't know, I just want to stay away from them for now"

Time skip

Kirishima's POV
     The next day I walk into class 1A to see ururaka sitting with deku and bakugo sitting alone with a 'I fucked up' expression on his face. I sat down at my desk and our worm teacher, Mr. Aizawa, walks in. He starts the lesson I almost immediately ask to go to the bathroom. I can't stand seeing bakugo right now. He lets me go and I rush out of there.

     I walk into a stall and start crying. "Eijirou?" I hear someone say.

"Can we talk?"

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