You guys kiss

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Your pov:

You're currently at Dylan's party he held, "just because". Most people are just drunk. Everything was going fine until you saw some girl flirting with Dylan, and he was clearly enjoying it, when she started to put her hands around him you had enough, you left his living room and sat in the kitchen.

"You want a drink?" You turn around and see Thomas, a good friend of Dylan.

Why not? "Yeah, thanks." You say sadly.

He sits down "Why the long face? A pretty girl like you should be having fun." he smiles.

You faintly smile "It's nothing really.."

Thomas smiled "Then cmon!" he drags you by the hand and you guys sit on the couch.

After a while of talking you and Thomas had quite a bit in common, and he was cute.

"So what brings you here?" he asked, placing his hand on your knee.

"Dylan really wanted me to come,nbut now he probably doesn't even know I'm here."

His smile fades "Well, he's stupid if he let you go like that, if I were him I already would've done this already."

"Did wha-" You were cut off by him smashing his lips on yours.

Screw it. You kiss back as he snakes his hands around your waist and you wrap your hands around his neck.

It got really heated fast, as you guys were making out Thomas got pulled away.

"Thom, the fuck!? You knew I liked her." Dylan yelled.

Before Thomas could say anything you cut in.

"Dylan, he was there when you weren't! While that slut was flirting with you he came in and cheered me up! Okay? Go back to that slut!" 

"Who's the slut? Because I know you aren't talking about me. You pretty bitch" said the girl who was flirting with him earlier.

Right then and there something in you blew up. You grabbed her drink, which was a lot, and poured it on her. While she screamed you grabbed your phone and walked out, pissed at the world.

"Y/N!" You heard Dylan yell as you cried against a tree.

Apparently he heard you because he came over.

After a few seconds you mumble, "Dylan go away. I don't want to talk to you." with your head buried in your hands.

"Y/N, what happened?" He asked, clueless.

You got mad at this and stood up "Dylan seriously? you wanna know what's wrong with me? I'll tell you! That whore was flirting with you and I had to watch. How would you feel if you watched someone flirt with your crush?!" You clamped your hand over your mouth as you realized what you just said.

He got up and took your hand, "How would you feel if you saw someone making out with your crush?"

Before you could react he smashed his lips to yours and you reacted immediately by kissing back.

As you guys pulled away he said "Y/N, you don't know how long I waited to do that." and you two kissed again.

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