Jeff,Liu,Masky,Hoodie,Slendy,Toby,Xena and Sally are in Japan today so they're looking at wonderful things that are in their since that I think they have good things(sushi is heaven)so they are checking out today at the counter for their hotel rooms.

Liu:I hope we get good rooms!

Sally:Can I be with Xena?

Xena:Sure me and you can sleep together!

Liu:I thought we can sleep together?

Xena:The fuck hell no me and Sally can be fine

Liu: :(

Slendy:Okay Jeff and Masky can go check out!

Jeff:roger that!

So Masky and Jeff go to the checking counter while a sweet lady is thee but cannot speak English.

Counter lady:Ogenkidesuka! *smiles like she's in a good mood*

Masky:Hi we're checking out to for our rooms.

Counter lady:kanarazunade,koko de Anata no heya no kagidearu

Masky:Um...we don't speak Japenese

Jeff:ooooh I got it!

Masky:got what

Jeff:Anata ga kuso kuwada

Counter Lady:*cries* I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH TOO AND HERE IS YOUR ROOM KEYS *gives room keys* GOOD DAY

Jeff and Masky: o.o *walks away*

Toby:So did you get the keys

Jeff:Yeah but the lady cried when I said Anata ha kuso kuwada

Hoodie:you idiot you called her a fucking hoe

Jeff:oooooh *yells* SORRY I SPEAK IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Xena:whatever let's go

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