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Your eyes are focused on the PC infront of you.
You're in a class meeting right now, but you're because there's a game going on with some of your friends on your other PC.
Those raging words busted out your lungs as a friend of you threw you off a cliff.
I couldn't hold back a little laugh, while scrolling through my phone and laying on your bed.
You push your headset mic on your lips and scream, that you're gonna kill him.
I stand up and stretch my back.
My arms wrap around you from behind and I whisper into your ear:
"Hey baby, do you need a little support?"
Your hand covers your mic as you whisper back:
"I thought you don't like playing those games?"
I grin.
"That's right, but I think you need other support. From right there."
My finger points under your desk.
Your face turns bright red immediately as you realize what I mean.
"Sounds...good? I just need to mute myself-"
I stop Ur hand, which wanted to press the button for mute.
You give me a literal question mark look.
My smile goes wider.
"Don't mute yourself, dumbass. Just stay quite if you don't want them to hear you~"
You nod slowly, I can see that exited sparkle in your eyes as I glide under the table.
"Hey y/n, we're going to fight childe right now, you gonna join?"
A male voice come shout of your headset.
Your voice cracks a little as you answer:
"Sure, I'm on my way you can invite me to the fight."
I can hear the sounds of fighting, and start my support for you.
My lips kiss upwards your naked legs, rest on your thighs and begin to suck.
You press your legs against my head, pushing me deeper to your holy place.
I stick my tongue out, sliding on your inner thighs and making you shiver.
A soft moan slips out your mouth, and you cover your mic in embarrassment.
I move forward and pull down your slip with my teeth.
Your whole legs shiver in lust, inviting me in your horny thoughts.
The only thing we can hear us your tapping and clicking, the sounds of the fight and fast breathing.
My tongue works a few millimeters away from your pussy, seeing you dripping and needy.
M hands move up your hips, down again and to your ass.
I push my nails into your skin, making you press me on you with your legs.
Without any warning is my tongue entering you, making you let put a loud moan.
"Y/n, why aren't you fighting, we need your elemental reaction to win!?"
This time it's a female voice, wondering why you barely move your character.
You're not able to answer, so you just stay as quite as you can while my tongue fucks your inside.
Your hands grab into my hair, pulling it and making me letting out a harsh breath.
I leave your inside and look up into your sweaty face.
"What a whore you are. Pathetic how you look right now, needy and horny, without any strength in your thirsty body. I'm gonna make you feel even weaker, dog."
A whine escapes your mouth, as I put my fingers in you.
"I need you, please fuck me mommy~", you stutter under a few moans.
Those words turn me on, I go harder and put another finger in.
Your pussy is wet and slippery, inviting my fingers to completely destroy it.
I know you just came as your body starts twitching and shaking, so I move a bit back from you.
"Mute yourself, NOW. It's getting a bit too wild for them to hear. Lean your chair back, and let me work some magic on you, slut."
You do as I told you, and I open your legs.
You don't know from where it came, but I'm holding medium sized vibrator in my hand.
I put it inside my mouth, licking it and making you thirst for my touch.
As the vibrator is sloppy enough it goes straight into your ass, the thing you didn't expect.
Loud moaning fills the silence, getting louder and making you grab into your chair.
I hold up a little remote, grinning and pressing the button to turn that little toy on.
A soft vibration starts in your ass, making you move and moan, sweating and twitching.
I turn up the strength till maximum, and your moans get so loud, that I can't resist and star licking your pussy while your getting fucked in the ass.
A few seconds in and you came twice already, being a moaning and sweaty mess.
A bigger dildo gets shoved into you, and I move myself over you and stare into your tearing eyes.
I rip your shirt off of you, tasting your nipples and neck, licking and biting your soft skin, leaving red marks.
I lick up your throat, while my hands knead your nipples, pinching and tweeting them.
I press my lips on your lips, making it hard to breath for you as I move my tongue around your mouth, making you sob and drool.
Your eyes roll back, your nails are pushing into my back and pressing me harder onto your shaking body.
"My my, what a helpless toy you are, aren't you? So needy, so weak."
I laugh at you, the moaning mess, not able to answer or do anything except making those beautiful noises.
You widen your eyes, as I close your mouth with a last hard and drooling kiss, as you cum.
I turn off the vibrator, pull it and the dildo out of you, making you letting out a last loud moan and get out under the goddamn table.
The voice comes out of your headset, as your friends won the fight against the boss, making you get the stuff while being afk the whole time.
You take your headset, still barely breathing and stutter:
"I'm sorry, I was afk."

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