I stayed home the following weekend because I missed my family

My dad decided for us to go out and eat...he said it was a congratulatory dinner because I accepted into Pennsylvania state University, but I think he just wanted to get out of the house

We went to some Japanese buffet

I wasn't gonna lie food was bomb

We were all talking and laughing until Jessie had to ruin it

"Hey Ava isn't that Marcus over there with a girl?" She asked

I stared Jessie down for a moment then I turned around to see what she was talking about

Marcus was cuddling up with Angela two tables down


"Why is he with another girl?" Jessie asked

Everyone was looking at me

"Uh...we broke up"

"Oh I'm sorry baby...when?" My mom asked gently rubbing my back


"He certainly moves on quickly" Jessie said

"Yeah" I said through my teeth, narrowing my eyes at her

"You probably didn't need him anyway" my dad said

"Yeah...you're right"

I looked back at Marcus and Angela, feeding each other sushi

Now I gotta find another excuse

When I got home I Immediately called Jackie

"They found out!"

"Found out what?" Jackie asked

"That me and Marcus aren't together anymore...I need someone else"

"Ava you're overreacting-"

"No I'm not Gavin takes me home everyday..they're going to wonder who that is"

"Say it's Malcolm"

"Malcolm doesn't even drive!"

"Just say he his license. God Ava learn to lie"


"Just fucking do it" she said then hung up
I flopped on my bed

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