I swallowed. "I-"

"That was a trick question." He smiled, although it was a fake one. "Are you going to think of me as the bad guy here, or are you willing to know everything that had happened eleven years ago? it could be some pretty interesting stuff you know." He said. I wasn't used to the fucked up Sehun just as much as I wasn't used to the normal one. I managed a nod. This was no time for tears and broken hearts, I needed to know the entire truth, especially now that my father was involved.

"Sit." He said as he pointed to the bed with his chin, and I went to sit on it. Seconds later he sat down next to me and just as his eyes looked into mine for the briefest amount of time, I knew that he was putting on an act to scare me away, to have me forget about him easily after he's gone. 

I couldn't get myself to believe that what he felt for me was never real.


Sehun's P.O.V

Her eyes were buffed from crying so silently, and it took everything within me to not reach out and wipe away the tears that I have caused. She was waiting for the words to come out of my mouth, but I said nothing as I kept staring back, memorizing her every feature by heart, this was going to be my last time seeing her before the surgery, my last time to ever gaze into her beautiful eyes or to be the reason for her smile and laughter. 

"Well?" she urged, her eyes were looking right into mine, they held signs of disappointment but what got to me the most was the way her pupils dilated. She still cared. I was beginning to think that she was onto me, on the fact that I was feeding her lies to make my departure somewhat easier for her to accept. I've kept watching her every movement for the last four months, each time I fell harder for her but thought of my plan of revenge to get myself back on track, there was that day when she went out shopping with her mom and picked out this beautiful red dress that I never thought in a million years, she'd be wearing for our first date. Our one and only date.

 I looked away from her gaze then leaned forward so she'd only get a view of my profile, and started, "Do you know who Tao i--was?" I asked, and silence lingered between us.

"No." She finally said, her voice small, and I wished that I could hold her in my arms and ease away all of her unspoken pain.

"He was your half brother." I heard a small gasp as soon as the words left my mouth, and I couldn't not turn away, so I did and found her hand clapped over her mouth, her eyes watery again. I swallowed and lifted my hand up to stroke her face, only for it to drop back on the bed, and I looked back ahead. I couldn't do it.

I heard her muffled crying quieting down, then followed with a sound of her clearing her throat. "Was that all you're going to tell me?" at that, I looked back at her, she tried to sound as tough as she could manage but her eyes betrayed her, her eyes always gave her away, from the moment I met her to our first kiss until the moment she fell for me, it was all shown in her eyes while her body tried to deny it. 

"Your dad had an affair with Tao's mom, and when your mother found out, she kicked him out and wanted nothing to do with him or his son, you weren't born back then, but your older brother had probably knew all that, and since Tao's mom passed away right after she gave birth to him, your dad was his only family." I watched as her reaction changed through the entire story, at parts she looked sympathetic, while at some she had hatred spilling from her eyes.

"So he was my brother from my dad's side," she said as a way to convince herself the truth. I nodded.

Her eyes became red again but she managed to hold back the tears as she said, "so the recorder..."

"Yes, Tao recorded it when we were at that witch's house, it's our only evidence to put her in jail, that's why I told nurse Jinhee to hand it to you, you need to turn it in Sarang." 

"So s-she killed Tao too? it wasn't a car accident" her eyes went wide at the realization.

"He was trying to talk me out of killing her, but he..." I trailed off for a moment. " He ended up being shot by her. She's a powerful woman, Sarang, she could have the entire goverment on her side, but we need to try, you have to go to the police station right now."

"What about you?" her question surprised me and confirmed my doubts, she was onto my lies.

"I'll be here." I said with a small smile and she shook her head. 

"Bullshit." She spat back and I chuckled, she rarely swears. 

I got up from the bed and walked to the door, she stood aswell and watched as I slowly opened it as a sign for her to get going, she started walking towards me, her face straight but she had that kind of look to her eyes that said 'this is not how we end.' and at that moment, I grabbed her upper arm to stop her.

She looked up at me, half startled by my action, and I shifted my gaze from her eyes to her lips before saying,

"One last kiss for the old time's sake?"

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