Chapter 16

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I panted heavily, rage and untamed instincts ripping at my sanity and control. The crowd seemed just as torn as me. Some were booing and yelling at Mekura while some more cheered her on. Chunins and Jounins tried to find a way through the barrier she created, but to no such luck so far. 

My new tail swept over the ground threateningly and my ears pressed down. Mekura looked at my form and laughed darkly, taking out another scroll and drawing blood from her fingertip to give the scroll. The scent of her blood carried to me from the wind and my pupils dilated violently for a moment. I growled to myself while Mekura summoned large and very deadly looking arrows.

"These arrows are from a scroll I had stolen from the Mizukage." She explained. "It's enough to kill a demon, let alone a filthy hybrid like you." She hissed. I smirked weakly.

"You're so stupid." I mutter. Mekura glares. "You don't know about anything that happened. You're spoiled."

"SHUT UP! Whatever burden you've deluded yourself into thinking you have was nothing compared to mine!" She shouted, releasing an arrow. I snap and quickly jerk to left, letting the arrow pierce through the chain holding my left arm. It uncurled from my arm and leg. I braced against the uneven weight of the other chain. Mekura gasped. With my new steel-like nails, I cut through the chains holding my right side down as well. I glared menacingly at Mekura.

"Now you've messed up." I growl. Mekura just glares again and fires more arrows. I deflect them all right back at her. They pin her to the wall behind her. I reach down and pick up a chain that held me down. It easily weighed two hundred pounds, and the metal was rough- no time taken to smooth it down. They made me bleed, I wonder what I can make them do to her. I crack my neck calmly and rush at her with a new and unrivaled speed, gaining inertia for the swing of the chain I aim at her jaw. I hear a sickening crack from her jaw and her neck as it twists under the pressure. 

I take a breath and control my anger. Mekura looks at me, panting hard with a terrified gaze. She gritted her broken teeth, spitting out blood. "You're only proving me right you know. That you're an absolute monster. A-"

"Shut up." I interrupt her. "You really don't get it do you? You still have no idea what happened all those years ago."

"I understand perfectly." She spat.

"Do you." I raise my eyebrow at her. "So if I show you everything I saw- I felt- because of your daddy, you'll still feel the same?" 

"I guarantee it." Mekura says as she rips one of the arrows out and raises it against me. My scissors are easily at her neck before her arm even made it all the way up.

"Put that arrow down or you won't believe what will happen next. Even while it's happening." I threaten maliciously. Mekura wavers and soon drops the arrow. I smile slightly and grab her broken jaw forcefully, causing her to gasp, and push against the wall. I close my eyes and when I open them again, they're glowing. Her eyes meet mine, and Mekura finally sees the truth of everything that happened that night, and every night after that. 

When it's all over, Mekura is crying before I even let her go. She crumples to floor, heaving and sobbing uncontrollably. 

"Y-you're lying." She defended weakly. "He - he wouldn't-." I sigh. 

"I wish. Do you understand now? Nothing but torture, agony, things worse than death." I answer back. "You wanted me to stay dead all those years ago." I recalled, looking down at her.  Mekura is quiet, in disbelief, shaking, "Me too..Mekura." I sigh again, lifting my hand out to her. Mekura's eyes widen and she stares at me. I give a short laugh and roll my eyes.

"Just take it, before I change my mind." I advise her. After a moment, Mekura shakily takes my hand and I help her to her feet. As I did, her barrier jutsu fell.

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