Chapter 12 ~ We are all perfect

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Louis snuggled the shit out of Harry when he got home. Snuggled into him on the bed while the babies napped and didn’t even want to let go when Gabriel fussed because he messed his diaper. “We have to get him love,” Harry whispered, leaning back to kiss Louis’ nose. The tiny angel sighed and nodded, pushing himself up so he could slide off of the bed and pick his son up, moving across the room so he could change him. He fell back to sleep as Louis did the work and Louis’ lied him back down, snuggling back with Harry.

“What do you want me to make for dinner?” Louis asked, snuggled into Harry’s chest.

“I don’t know, spaghetti?” He asked and Louis nodded, ready to make everything and anything. Archangel Michael left when Harry came home so the whole family was in the room, snuggled in their own beds.

Louis’ tummy fluttered and his eyes went wide. He looked down at it but didn’t see the movements. “Oh, this is really early,” he voiced and Harry hummed in question. “I felt them move a little,” he said and Harry glanced down between them at the belly that was poking into his own.

“I didn’t feel them, must be nice,” he said quietly and Louis giggled, looking back up at Harry, kissing his chin.

“Yes, it’s really nice. Can’t wait until they’re big enough so you can touch them. I’m hoping this pregnancy is much easier than the first one. I don’t think i’d live through another hard pregnancy,” Louis voiced and Harry nodded, in agreeance that he didn’t want another complicated pregnancy.


Louis was 14 weeks along when he went to the doctors next, eyes wide as he looked at his tiny babies in his belly. He was large, not as large as he was with the triplets, but really obviously pregnant. “One more month until you know the genders,” the female doctor said. Louis couldn’t remember her name but he didn’t really care too. He had his babies right there on the screen, in his belly, and they were all he could think about.

She printed them the ultrasound pictures and Louis and Harry went home. The door was unlocked which Louis’ found odd. He had left the triplets with archangel Michael and as soon as he opened the door the house exploded with, “Surprise!”

Louis wasn’t sure what was going on but when he took in the sight of three odd people there his eyes grew wide. “Niall, Liam, Zayn!” He hasn’t seen Zayn in a while, having gotten a tad closer to the demon, but Liam and Niall were men he hasn’t seen in months. It had been 10 weeks since Zayn seen his son and Louis was happy to see him holding the lively baby.

Louis hugged Niall and Liam, kissing them on the cheeks. “We have great news!” Niall shouted over the loud music that was playing. Louis found it funny that they threw a party for themselves but he was happy that they were there. Liam had helped Louis a lot through the pregnancy with the triplets and never even got to see them until now. And even then, Louis was pregnant again!

Louis checked on his babies to make sure they were okay and in good hands before going to the kitchen with Niall and Liam. “What do you guys have to tell me? The news?” Louis asked and Niall giggled, wiggling in his seat.

“Well we were thinking for a while now, we’re together, it’s not a secret, that we wanted to move up here to heaven. We’ve already asked God and promised to turn into angels. We want to adopt a baby!” Niall gushed out and Louis was fish faced for a while, lips parted and eyes wide. That was a lot of information to take in. Well, he knew they were together but moving to heaven and turning into angels? Even adopting and angel baby?!

“Oh my god!” He cried, standing up to rush around the large table so he could hug the blonde demon, kissing his face over and over again. “Oh my god what made you decide this!” He turned to hug Liam and give him kisses too. Harry was chuckling, sitting where he was next to Louis before the angel moved.

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