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18 HENTY'S FIST 1: GAUNTLET RUN by Andre Jute, Dakota Franklin, Andrew McCoy

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HENTY'S FIST 1: GAUNTLET RUN: birth of a superhero by Andre Jute, Dakota Franklin and Andrew McCoy. 60,000 words in 76 chapters.


From high up in the Syndicate chopper, the massive pileup on the intersection, already spreading in all directions, looked like a bunch of toy trucks artistically arranged by an especially destructive child. Only the truck drivers who had survived the pile-up, who were now fighting a gun battle with the Syndicate button men and soldiers who had survived their assault on Henty, demonstrated that it was altogether to human scale.

“That babe’s got a real talent for destruction,” the Capo said admiringly, “Mark me a thousand she makes it all the way.”

“The Syndicate insures nine out of every ten trucks across the nation, ” the man from the Syndicate said primly. “That down there’s ninety per cent our damage. Millions.”

“Yeah. It’s tough all round. You taking the bet?”

“Sure. She’s so reckless, she’ll never make it out of New Jersey. That means we’ll lose a lot of money. Curse that woman!”

“My wife reckons it’s wrong to make a woman Run the Gauntlet.” Another thought struck him. “Hey, you’re not going to take her out early just to spite my bet?”

The Syndicate man shook his head. “No. But we gotta find a way of dealing with her, of making her see reason. She just gotta do things our way, that’s all.”

By now Henty’s truck was just a pinprick in the hazy distance of that uncertain dawn as she streaked alone down the middle of that broad highway.

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