The looong day

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I got to the gun shop and got everything I need , I was about 5.37 miles away this could take a long time unless I find a car I have fuel for one Iv seen many cars but they don't work there was 4 walkers ahead in my path I got out my hatchet I hit the first to the ground stabbed the others skull stabbed ones neck I tried to pull it out but it was stuck I , tripped there was a big piece of broken glass I stabbed the last in the stomach it didn't kill him but a sniper bullet came out of nowhere , THANKS , I WAS AMING FOR YOU , he almost shot me I grabbed my hatchet and ran

It had seemed like he had unlimited amo I probably ran for 3 or 4 minutes I went into a building next to his , IT DOSENT HAVE TO END LIKE THIS , I KNOW MARK , what .. wha. HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME I almost shot him , I'm .. I'm ... I'm stupid face , TELL ME , IM DRAK what , I jumped to his building on the roof , WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS DRAK , YOU LEFT ME THERE FOR TWO YEARS (POW) hi hit my arm I threw my hatchet at his leg were it broke before , m .. m.m mark , what , why d . did it come to this , I didn't want to , I know mark .... and mark g .. good l .. luck , I walked away

I went into the woods and got some food I also fixed my arm up I ate some deer I climbed up a tree to se if I could se there base I couldn't se it but I saw the town so I know I'm close I saw some bandits that stole everything in a small little camp I went over there and looked to se if they missed anything

They missed or actually didn't take any food and there was 2 shells under the pillow that I put in my shotgun there wasn't anything else so I was gonna head out but someone yelled , DID YOU JUST STEAL FROME MY CAMP , I looked at her she looked crazy I told her that bandits took everything , I .. DONT THINK SO , she shot but missed me because she was shot in the back by bandits they hit me and I was out cold ... again

To be continued

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