Chapter 15 - Telling the World

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"Is it been released," Namjoon said as he walked into the dorm. "We just have to wait to see their reactions."

"It will be fine Joonie," Seokjin said kissing him on the lips. "It turned out okay with Jimin and Kookie. I'm sure it will turn out great for the rest of us too."

"Yes Jinnie, but we are worldwide now," Namjoon said beginning to get stressed about it again. "It's not just fans in South Korea, but the whole world. Every corner of it. America. This year has already been tough and its nearly over, yet it has been our most successful year."

"It has been a difficult year indeed. Physically, emotionally, mentally. But Joonie, only our true fans will remain," Seokjin said hugging his boyfriend and passing his hand through his hair. "If they really are our true fans, they would accept that we are mates. Just because we are not the stereotypical female omega and male alpha couple, it doesn't mean we don't love each other. Anyway, since when did we follow the rules?"

"You should not have cut your hair," Namjoon said disapprovingly and shaking his head. "Look at what Kook did."

"Ah, but I'm sure our fans liked it," Seokjin said smiling. "Rebellious hyung: Kim Seokjin."

The couple met up with the other members who were watching the News on the TV with Twitter, Youtube, TikTok and Weverse on their phones to stay up to date with what was going on worldwide.

"Have they said anything?" Namjoon asked.

"No, not yet," Jimin answered and he snuggled into Jungkook's side more. "I hope it ends up okay. I don't think I can deal with anymore hate. This year has been a tough one."

Jungkook hummed in agreement as he placed his face in Jimin's hair whilst rubbing his back. Jimin had been getting so much hate this year and it just wasn't about his relationship with Jungkook, his weight, his face, his height, his voice, his style, his pre-debut life. Everything. Jungkook just ended up taking Jimin's phone away and being with Jimin every step of the way till Jimin began to slowly recover from his low. It has been a very hard year for all of them.

"It's happening guys!" Hoseok shouted as he stared at his phone. "People have seen it."

They all looked at the TV which had 'Breaking News' on.

"The current most popular K-Pop group, BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan and Beyond the Scene, released a confirmation through Big Hit, about dating members in the group about 15 minutes ago," the woman on the TV said. "The statement by Big Hit states and I quote:"

The screen then changed to an image of the introduction from the statement. The woman then began to read. When she finished, the screen returned to her.

"According to the official statement, the members have been dating each other since before Jimin and Jungkook of BTS came out as mates. The couples are Kim Namjoon, who's mate is Kim Seokjin, and Min Yoongi, who's mate is Jung Hoseok," the woman explained. "Kim Taehyung at the moment however, hasn't found his mate yet but is still looking for his mate.

Since the release, many fans across the world have been expressing their opinions on the dating members of the group through many different social medias including Twitter, Weverse, Youtube, Instagram, and others. Here are some Tweets that our team have found as of yet:

'I knew it all along!'

'I can't believe this day has come. This is perfect and I support you all. To Tae Tae, I hope you find you mate soon. I'm sure they will be amazing and perfect for you.'"

She continued to read some more tweets, Weverse and Instagram posts and gave the title of some Youtube videos and previews.

"Yes, but they are only showing the good comments I am sure not everyone supports like the ones they showed on TV," Hoseok pointed out as he lay on Yoongi's lap.

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