13 - Cancer

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*please don't read if this is potentially triggering for you 💕 Also, I'm going off of what I found on the internet so if the information is wrong, I apologize*

Luke (Age 7):


You had always been a very active kid. You played soccer in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. You entire family was really supportive of your choices and were at as many games as possible.

Today, you didn't feel like normal. You were really tired but you had a very important game, Luke was coming to watch you play. You got in your uniform and ended up taking a nap in the car.

You were playing well and Luke was cheering you on really loudly. You kicked the ball and scored a goal! You finished the game and told Luke you just wanted to go home and sleep.

You were tired for most of the week and finally Luke decided to take you to a doctor. The doctor told you something you never expected to hear... You had leukemia.

You cried into Luke's chest for the rest of the night. He told you all night that no matter what happened, he would be there for you. And he most definitely was. After a few months of treatment, you finally started getting better.

Calum (Age 2):


Lately, you had been having a weird pain and it occured whenever you touched your eyes. You hadn't told anyone because you really didn't think it was that bad. But, then today happened. The pain was some of the worst you've ever felt. You ran to Calum and whined in his lap.

"Babe, what's wrong?" You pointed to your eyes. "Do your eyes hurt, Y/N?" You nodded furiously and fell back against his chest. "Let's go talk to mom for a second." He carried you into the kitchen and said he was taking you to the "D-O-C-T-O-R". You had no clue what it was, you were just consumed with pain.

The doctor immediately sent you to the energency room, afraid that it might be a form of cancer. After a doctor at the hospital examined you, the theory was confirmed, you had retinoblastoma. Calum immediately called your mom and asked her to get you some things while he took you to your new room.

You curled up in his lap, crying because of the pain. Soon, your mom and Mali showed up and they tried to distract you, but to no avail. Calum wanted to get up to grab everyone food but you wouldn't allow him to move even a millimeter. You had a tight hold on his shirt, holding onto him for dear life.

"I promise, I'm not leaving, Y/N," he said, rubbing your back. Soon you fell asleep and he went to get food, but, as soon as you woke up, he was right back by your side, feeding you some chicken in the process of moving back onto the bed. He really was the best big brother ever.

Michael (Age 12):

(Lung Cancer)

You had been coughing for a week now, but you just thought it was a cold. Your mom made sure to keep an eye on you, as did Michael.

Michael stayed with you for 2 weeks straight, only leaving to go to the bathroom, get food, or shower. Finally, you went to the doctor and were diagnosed with lung cancer.

Every single day Michael would come in your hospital room and tell you what's going on. He talked about the weather, the latest celebrity gossip, even brought some guests sometimes. Seeing the boys always made you smile, no matter how bad you felt.

Each night he would sing you to sleep and would fall asleep himself, holding your hand all night. Or on the off chance your nurse was in a good mood, she would let Michael slip in bed with you and you curled up and fell asleep on his chest.

Your big brother was there through everything and he practically never left the hospital. You begged him to go home and shower and he did after a few hours of convincing. But as soon as he was done, he would be right back by your side.

Ashton (Age 18):

(Hodgkin's Lymphoma)

You had beaten cancer once before and you thought that you would never have to worry about it again... You thought wrong. The doctors said that even after your treatment, you had a great chance of being cured.

You were getting dressed to go for a run when all of a sudden, you noticed something that you hadn't seen in years. You looked at your chest and saw an enlarged bump. You ran your hand over it but it wasn't causing you any pain.

Nervous, you called Ashton and he agreed to pick you up and take you to the doctor. You got to the hospital and you were shaking more than a two year old on a major sugar rush. You ended up in your big brother's lap, your face in his neck.

You seemed to calm down a bit but then the doctor called you back to the exam room. You were already expecting the worse, but it was still a shock to hear the doctor say, "Y/N, I'm sorry but your cancer has returned." Ashton thanked the doctor before taking you to his house, letting you cry into his chest.

"A-Ash, I thought it was g-gone." "Me, too, Y/N, but this just shows that you got through it once so you will make it through again. We all support you and I'm not gonna let you have one day in the hospital when someone isn't there. All the boys are gonna wanna see you, all your friends, and all of our family. You'll never have to be alone."

He was absolutely right. Every single day for the five months that you were in treatment, someone was there to visit with you. You never were alone and you made it through once again.

*A/N: This is probably one of the worst things ever, I'm so sorry. I promise, they will get better! Please comment or message me with some ideas or requests! Thanks! ~ Morgan xx*

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