Today was a Good Day.

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so I am lazy...and i procrastinate.



forgive me, my little schnitzels.

oh, and the beautiful new cover was made my HappyEndings7!


Alyssa groans internally as cold hands flip her body over. 

"What are you doing? You could hurt her even worse!" Morgan shrils. Alyssa fights off the urge to wince at her friend's high pitched squeal.

Alyssa feels a cold hand press to hear forehead and the warm trickle of blood flowing past her eye. Her eyebrows twitch and she groans inwardly. Romen and Morgan can't know about her ruse of passing out, because no offense to Mo, but she's terrible at lying. And Romen needs to act distressed for the trick to work.

"Oh gosh, what if she's dead!" Romen's voice shakes as he speaks. Alyssa smiles on the inside. She doesn't know how she truly feels about him yet. Yes, she did kiss him, and yes, it was a good kiss. But she'd known him for what, two months? That's hardly enough time to get to know someone.

A deep voice snorts. "She's not badly hurt. I can hear her heartbeat, and its perfectly regular." Neptune paces back and forth, Alyssa can hear the crunch of his boots beside her ear. The cold ice numbs her pounding headache from slamming against the ice, which was her own fault. She strains to hear more of their conversation. 

Neptune tiredly runs a hand through his thick hair. He now faces a dilemma. Should he force this girl to go against her will to the ocean where she will no doubt cause more problems, or should he leave her here to say goodbye as she requests. If he chooses the latter, he runs the risk of her trying to run inland away from him. However, he could gain some respect from her if he gives in. After all, he is king. 

He sighs, coming to a decision. A few feet away, Morgan and Romen are attempting to "wake up" Alyssa, who is fighting off the urge to giggle as Morgan controls a bubble of water above her cut, trying to wash the wound.. Romen kneels behind her, running his hands through her hair absentmindedly. Sighing defeatedly, Neptune kneels beside Romen. 

"I've come to a decision. She has one week to say goodbye to everyone she needs to. Then, at two in the afternoon, you must meet me off the coast so we can travel to the kingdom."

Morgan audibly sighs in relief. As much as she hated to admit it, Alyssa has become one of her best friends. She had been internally hoping that Neptune would give in to her pleas.

Romen nods seriously, standing up and shaking Neptunes hand firmly. "Thank you, sir."

Neptune grimaces. "Don't make me regret this, boy. You're one of my most trusted retrievers."

Turning around, the king takes a few steps before sinking into the water and disappearing, only leaving tiny ripples in his place.

Immediately after the ripples disappear, the cool ice melts back into warm water. Alyssa isn't ready for it, and falls into the water ungracefully, her green tail unfolding with a flourish. She sputters up the surface. Turning around, she notices Romen and Morgan looking at her increduosly. After a moment, a smile creeps onto Morgan's face. After a moment, she throws her head in laughter, throwing her head back so her long brown hair fans out behind her. Romen and Alyssa grin at each other and join in, and soon they're all lying on the sandy sea floor cracking up.

"You just fooled the king of the ocean!" Morgan sputters. Romen nods his head, unable to speak from laughing so hard, his abs visibly shaking. "That was incredible!"

"Don't forget, I fooled you two also!" Alyssa nudges Morgan playfully, who in turn rolls her eyes.

"Please, I knew you were faking the entire time!" She flicks her rainbow tail causing a school of fish swimming near them to flinch away in terror. 

Romen snorts. "Oh please, Mo. You were practically sobbing if I remember correctly."

"Look who's talking, lover boy."

"Hey, now I-"

They both jump three feet apart as a light shock flows through both of them like electricity. They both whip their heads toward Alyssa, who smiles mischieviously. Getting tired of their bickering, she'd decided to practice her new found electricity powers on them.

"I can't believe you did that!" Romen shouts, holding back a smile.

Alyssa sticks her tongue out and with a flick of her tail, she shoots toward the shore. She climbs out of the water, and surveys the damage that Neptune's storm had done on the town. Planks of wood were thrown everywhere while seaweed hung off of houses. Her hair must have been frizzy, but at this moment she doesn't care. She was okay. Her friends were okay. And the innocent people in the town were saved. 

Today, all in all, was a good day.


okay i really have so much to apologize for. I am STUPID.

forgive me, my little shnitzles.

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A few more chapters, then on to book two! PRAISE THE LORD.


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