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Hello lovelies !!

Welcome to my GALLERY.

This is noya_avery your very own author.

Let me tell you I'm not a pro in making covers graphics. I'm still a beginner so I can do mistakes so sorry in advance.

Let me tell you one intersting thing about my GALLERY is that I can make fiction and nonfiction covers really well.

Let me tell you one intersting thing about my GALLERY is that I can make fiction and nonfiction covers really well

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If you want a cover for your book then their are some certain rules which you have to follow ok😊.

> Rules :

1. You have to use my covers for 2 weeks.

2. For payments you have to follow me permanently and have to give a shout out to my GALLERY.

3. Before you fill up the form make sure you haven't order the cover from somewhere else of same book which you have applied here.

4. You have to wait at least 15 days to get your cover.

5. You can take a screenshot of your cover.

6. Add my this book to your public reading list and library. So that whenever I update the book you get notifications.

Please fill up the form in one single comment. 😊 not INLINE

>Form :

1. Your Username/ Name which you want one your cover.

2. Your Book Title

3. Any quotes/ titles you want me to add.

4. Your story description.

5. Tags 6+ your friends

6. Give a shout out to my GALLERY.

7. I'll use my watermark on the cover.

8. You have to give me the cover credit to your story description .

9. At last when you have completed the rules just type " Ok "


> Payments :

1. A permanent follow to my account.

2. A a shout to my GALLERY.

3. Give me credits on your story description and one of the latest chapter have to mention me for giving me the credits of your cover.

P.S.  If I feel that I need more time to make your cover I'll contact you. Also if I feel that I can't make your cover then I'll deny you so please don't take it in your heart. If I feel that I need more information about your story I'll contact you through the comment section.

I'm a student so yes besides this beautiful world of imagination I have my own life too. If you feel that you want to take your request back just let me know in my DM.

But please remember when I reply in your comment with " Accepted " it means i have started making your cover so you can't back out.

If you don't like the cover do tell me honestly I'll redo it 😊.

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