“When I look at you I see this perfect person. A person with beauty, talent, and just genuine goodness.  But then there’s me. This crazy, weird, screwed up person with too many problems to list. And I don’t see how you can choose me. I don’t see why you like me.” My voice faded with each word and by the end I was in a soft whisper.

Niall looked down at me and his soft blue eyes met with mine. “Jess… I chose you because I don’t see that. I don’t see you as that person.”

I snorted, ruining the sincerity. “Everyone one sees that person. It’s who I am. It’s me. A big mess up.” 

Niall gripped my wrists being careful not the hurt me or my healing cuts. “You’re not a mess up. You’re you. And you’re just going through a rough patch.”

Tears fought to fall from my eyes but I shook my head trying to hold everything back. “Niall, no. I am. You just can’t see it. You’re blinded.”

“Nothing is blinding me from seeing the girl I love.” His accent rang throughout the empty room.

I blinked this time releasing the tears. “What?” I softly asked.

Niall stepped closer and rested his forehead on mine. “I love you Jess. Sure things might not be perfect right now, but they will be. One day you’ll accept everything that’s happened. And one day,

You’ll be freed.


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