Chapter 11 ~ He did it

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Life changed after Louis found out he was pregnant. Harry wouldn’t let him get up out of bed to care for the babies, wanting Louis to get as much sleep as he could so he didn’t hurt himself or the babies in his belly. It was two weeks later when they finally decided to go to the doctor to make sure that the babies were doing okay and that Louis was doing what he should to insure their safety.

They also both wanted the ultrasounds. Zayn went home 3 days after Harry came home. He had tears in his eyes as he said goodbye to his baby and promised to be back soon to visit. The doctors appointment went smoothly and Louis was a solid 6 weeks pregnant, perfect, and even already growing a tiny pooch that he hawk eyed all the time. When he was pregnant with the triplets he was much larger already by this time but it was okay. This pregnancy would be easier for there were only two lives in him instead of three.

He was at the moment snuggling Saraqael to his chest while he laid in the bathtub. The water was warm but not hot. The 12 week old hated taking baths and whimpered the whole time Louis poured palm fulls over his soapy body, rinsing him off. Once he was all cleaned Harry came in and traded him with Michael who glared at Louis as he was wet down.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Louis asked him, kissing his nose as he rubbed a soft rag over the babies back and bare butt. He lathered his soft skin up, making cooing noises when Michael sneezed, farting at the same time. Once he was cleaned up he was also traded out with Gabriel who grinned up at Louis, loving the water and attention. His brown eyes were wide and looking over Louis’ face as he was washed. He even had the nerve to be comfortable enough to pee all across Louis’ chest and belly.

Once he was cleaned up he was taken away to be dried and dressed like the other two babies. Louis washed himself up and stepped out of the tub, wrapping a towel around his body after drying his hair as much as he could. The triplets were lying on the bed, Harry standing to the side watching them. Louis watched him for a moment then turned to their closet to pull out a pair of looser jeans and a t-shirt. His belly was making it a bit hard to wear his tighter jeans but he now knew it was because of babies and not weight gain.

“How are you feeling?” Harry asked and Louis chuckled, snuggling himself in the angels side. His back was healed and his wings were tucked away.

“I’m feeling like I need a nap but we have to wait for these three monsters to do so first,” he said and Harry chuckled, leaning down at bit to kiss Louis’ forehead and the angel grinned, lifting his chin so he could get a proper kiss. They watched the babies squirm around for a little while they set them in their beds that were attached to the main one.  

“Get some sleep love, I’ll watch them if they wake up,” Harry kissed Louis’ cheek and the man smiled, crawling into the bed. He was going to ask Harry to join him but as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out, sleeping deeply. He didn’t even twitch when Gabriel screamed out a half an hour later, diaper stinky. Harry was on top of it though, picking him up and changing him before he could wake up the other two then lied him back down.

Things were smooth for a while. Harry was taking just as much care of the babies as Louis was and the pregnant man wasn’t stressed out. He was cool and calm as a cucumber but he blew up on the angel when he hit 10 weeks pregnant because the damned man wanted to leave for three days to talk to the goddess of love.

“I am not going to be here alone because you want to leave now!” The angel screamed, throwing a fork at Harry, pushing a plastic cup off of the counter. He’s broken three glass ones now so Harry removed them and left plastic ones.

Michael, Gabriel, and Saraqael were all in the living room, having tummy time, silent as their mommy screamed. Louis was visibly pregnant and Harry hated leaving him but he knew that it was time. He couldn’t very well leave Louis with the triplets when he was largely pregnant. It was only a few days and this was something that needed to be taken care of.

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