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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- John really does love the movies.... 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Oh hello John! 

Watson- Do you know what? That was the best ever movie :) At least you shut up again XD Now we can revisit this cinema before I go on my honeymoon with Mary. 

Sherlock-What? We are going to see.....

Watson- Lord of the Rings? They have re-movied it... 

Sherlock- John, that isn't even a word..... Fine but can we make sure we get some nachos with that cheesy sauce, and before you come over tomorrow, bring some milk and bread. And some salt, doing an experiment of how much saliva coagulates after death.

Watson- Would you like some tea with that too?

Sherlock- Nah, Mrs Hudson will bring that up 

Mrs H joined the chatroom

Mrs H- I am not your housekeeper!

Mrs H left the chatroom

 Watson- Would you like a joke too?

Sherlock- No, just the listed above

Watson- Fine got to go laters

Watson left the chatroom 

Sherlock left the chatroom 


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