Chapter 35

Fire and Ice

Cameron looked up at me with a small smile.

I started to walk toward him when a male and female grabbed hold of my arms. I tried to pull out but they tightened it.

My nose flared and I let the heat circulate to both my arms. I made them fire hot and had the pleasure of watching them flinch away and take several steps back. 

I smiled at them but they barred their teeth in response.

A couple more came for me but instead of using the lighter; I dropped it and used the flame on the fire. I did what Joseph told me not to do and let the fire in my body consume me. Almost at once, the red hazy feeling took over and I lifted my hands to start twisting the flame.

Everyone stood back with horror but Cameron just watched with amusement without moving a muscle.

Five people emerging from the forest caught my eyes but I ignored it.

That was until I heard my name being called. "Alexis,"

The red hazy feeling disappeared and I tried my best to place the flame back on the fire without hurting anyone.  

I sighed in exhaustion as I turned to Joseph, Tristan, Maryanne, Elizabeth and Gabriel. Tristan went to stand beside a young female I didn't recognise and Gabriel stood next to Elizabeth. Joseph came to stand next to me but kept his distance, after all I was the temperature of an open flame.

"Was there a need for the flame?" Joe asked me.

My hands clenched. "Was there a need to handle me?"

Some of the angels started whispering. Was it to the sound of my voice or were they just discussing my outburst. I looked down at my clothes and thanked god it was only my grey sweatshirt that was burnt.

I took it off and threw it to the ground.

I looked over at Cameron to see him biting his lip like he was trying not to laugh. I tilted my head toward him.


I turned my head toward Leo. He came forward with a smile. "Welcome," He started in Enochian. "This is our council. It is never usually held here, but due to your circumstances, earth is best."

I nodded toward him hesitantly.

"That was quite a show there. It seems you have been training. Maryanne didn't hesitate to start I see."

I looked up at Joseph with eyes that asked whether I should talk. He nodded. I turned back to Leo and concentrated on my other language. "I have only trained once."

The smile wiped off Leo's face and he turned to Axel. He started to walk forward with a frown. "Only once? How are you even comfortable with manipulating the flame without losing so much energy?"

"I do," I told him. "I'm tired every time I control a flame as big as that."

"Perhaps, she's stronger." 

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