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Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson- XD I cannot believe that you were scared of that brown dog! Well, you weren't scared you shut up for a while...

Sherlock- ..... It was a misunderstanding 

Mycroft joined the chatroom

Mycroft- Dear brother, mummy said that you didn't talk at the movies after seeing a.... dog?

Sherlock- I don't have time for this, my brain needs more rest. It was a malfunction, my mind went blank, please excuse me John.

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson- What's up with him?

Mycroft- Some incident as a child. RedBeard. A precious dog, who was very dear to my little brother. Sadly, he died.

Watson- Oh... Maybe I should

Mycroft- Leave him. In the mean time, do you have the letters from Magnussen?

Watson- No?

Mycroft- Then you are no use to me...

Mycroft left the chatroom

Watson- Wow... i will be off...

Watson left the chatroom


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