Chapter 5

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After school, Maggie and I came back to my house so she could help me get ready. It isn't as if I can't get ready on my own, I just like to have a second opinion. "What are you guys gonna go see?"

"I have no idea, Mags." We've both been asking the same questions since we got here, me a little more than her. "I just don't understand why he picked me. I'm not fun, I never date, hell, I'm not even pretty."

"Jenson Rose Calhoun, you better shut your mouth. You're amazing, you're beautiful, and the only reason you don't date is because of Tyler from Sophomore year. Now you stay focused and yank Josh Smith up before someone else does. Got it?"

Maggie did my curled my hair again, did my makeup, and helped me pick out my outfit. We decided to go with a blue chevron maxi dress with gold sandals. At five on the dot, the door bell rang. We ran downstairs and opened the door. There stood Josh with a boutique of roses and a small leather box with a ribbon around it. "What's this?"

"Open it."

He hands me the box as Maggie takes the roses to put in a vase. I gently take off the ribbon and open the box. It's a necklace with a small heart crested with light blue diamonds. It's really quite beautiful. he takes the necklace out if the box and puts it around my neck as I hold up my hair.

"It's beautiful, Josh." I hug him and tell him thank you, "it looks like the sky."

He just smiled and took my hand as we walked to his truck. He opened the door for me, I climbed in, and he ran to the other side to let himself in. "Where are we going?"

"For the third time, it's a surprise." Ah, there's that panty dropping grin.

I sigh and give in, "How much longer then?" We've been driving for an hour already.

"Just relax, listen to some music, it'll make the time pass faster." So I do as he suggest. And I usually don't sing to anyone except for Maggie and my shower wall, but my favorite sing was playing, Night Changes by One Direction. So, I turned up the volume and started to sing along.

"Oh no, we are not listening to 5 gay boys serenading each other." He reaches to turn it but I slap his hand away.

"What do you think you're doing? I take offense to that now take it back."

"I absolutely will not."

"You better."

"Or what?"

"Take me home." I cross my arms to show the seriousness.

"Fine, fine. I take it back."  I'm actually surprised that he gave in so easily, so I stick my tongue out at him. "If you don't wanna share, you better put it back in your mouth." He jokes.

"Or what?" I mock.

"Oh, mocking me AND sticking your tongue out, are you five? And I don't know, stick your tongue out again and we'll find out." Not wanting to find out what would happen, I suck my tongue back in really fast and keep my mouth shut. "Ha. Thought so."


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