Chapter Twenty-Five

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Everything that people had said about Dragonview was true. The town of Dragonview was one of the most beautiful places to be at. I could imagine living here if I was able to. The town was decorated with white fairy lights. There were so many of them that they almost lit the entire street up. The grass was green and lush. There was no sign of litter or debris on the grounds, not even the pavement had a crack in it. It was like the master wanted everything to be perfect for visitors or residents.

The four of us started walking down the center of the street. People that had walked past us had stared or gave us dirty looks. Most of them were directed towards Marcus and I. You see, Age-Shifters and Shapeshifters never got along in the past. We honestly couldn't tell you the reason why. Dragonview was claimed as land for Shapeshifters. When it came to Age-Shifters, we got Springwell. Marcus and I were the exception, due to the fact that the master had invited us here. Well, I shouldn't say invited. Holly and Lyric were told to come find us and bring us here immediately. I continued to think that I was going to leave Dragonview smiling from answered questions. However, I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn't going to. Was something going to happen?

As we were walking, I started to feel the familiar pain in my stomach. It was the same pain that had caused me to collapse when I saw the wolf. Was he near by? As we got closer, the pang got worse. It took me to the ground, gasping for air. Immediately after I went down, I saw Marcus come down to my side, unaffected. "Breanna, what's wrong?" he asked. He grasped my hand tightly, worry in his eyes. The pain was unbearable, that I felt like I couldn't talk. I had enough strength to move my hand and to point down to my stomach. He then understood what I was trying to say and nodded his head. As he moved out of the way, I could see that Holly and Lyric were on the ground too. What was going on with them?

As quickly as it came on, it went away. I took long, deep breaths that helped soothe my stomach instantly. I took my time getting up, since I didn't want the intense pain to come back. However, it turned out that it only stopped for me. Holly and Lyric were still on the ground, gasping in pain. I looked over at Marcus and saw that he was completely fine. How was he not affected by any of this? I had questioned this every time the pain had happened. It was like he was immune to this.

I looked at Marcus, who shrugged his shoulders. We didn't know what to do. We were scared that if we moved them, they would be in more pain. I kneeled down besides Holly, putting her in a more comfortable position. "We don't know what to do." I said, looking sad. I wasn't lying, because we really had no idea what to do. Before Holly could try to respond, someone was coming out from the corner of my eye.

He was a tall man, possibly six feet. He had long, brown hair, ending at his back. He wore a black leather vest, with no shirt underneath. You couldn't help but notice his muscles. He wore a dark pair of jeans, with sneakers. He was moving quickly towards us, his eyes locked on me. I had looked straight at Holly, not bearing to look at him.

He stopped in front of me, kneeling down to attend to Holly. "Rise, child. The pain will no longer harm you." he whispered softly. As soon as he spoke, she had been able to get up with ease. It was like his smooth voice was a cure to pain. He was able to take it away as soon as he spoke. He had done the same with Lyric and he was now standing up. I stood beside Marcus in awe. How could someone ever take away such pain? Immediately, he went up to Marcus, glaring down at him.

"What have you done to them? I know you are an Age-Shifter. You had to have harmed them." he said, anger dripping in his voice. My anger towards him quickly rose and I stood in his way. "You do not speak to him like that. If that's how we will be treated, we will leave." I replied, shooting my own anger at him. Holly and Lyric looked at me and then the man, in shock. "You never heard me this angry?" I asked, directing my question towards Holly. "I've never heard anyone that angry towards our master." she said. The color had drained from my face. I had just been rude towards the master.

"It's alright, Holly. She's right. I jumped to conclusions. I had no idea this was Breanna and Marcus." he explained, letting go of Marcus. A big smile, which revealed his white teeth, was on his face. How did he know our names? It was possible that Holly had mentioned us, but I never heard her speak to him. He looked at me, eyes shining with happiness. "Marcus, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk with Breanna alone." he explained, looking me up and down. I felt uncomfortable when he looked me over. What was his deal with me? "That's no problem, sir. I'm sure Lyric or Holly can keep me company." he replied, looking at me. I nodded my head, letting him know I was going to be okay. He walked over to Lyric and Holly and sat at a nearby bench. "Shall we go for a walk?" he asked. I nodded my head yes and off we walked in the same direction he came from.

"I hope your journey to Dragonview was alright." he said, walking slowly. I wanted to stay silent and not tell him anything. I knew I would be disrespecting the master, so I made sure to answer as best as I could. "It was. We had a little bit of trouble, but the journey was pleasant." I replied, sounding formal. I didn't know why I was talking formal. I guess it was just because I felt it was a good idea. He chuckled at my response, continuing to walk towards a beautiful fountain. "My apologies for treating your friend in such horrible manner." he said, sounding sincere. "He's my boyfriend, actually. I don't like it when others are rude." I explained, watching his facial expression.

If he was angry, he was very good at hiding it. Was he not happy with my relationship? "I heard that you have some questions. I can answer any question I have the answer for." he said, smiling at me. Where was I to begin? "Well, I do have a few. First question is, were you the wolf that followed Marcus and I to my house?" I asked, being curious. He took a deep breath before he answered. "Yes, I was the wolf. I often visit your house. I was watching you to make sure you were safe in Springwell, since I never saw an adult in your house. I hope you don't mind me asking, but is there anyone living in your house besides you?" he asked, looking cautiously at me. I knew Shapeshifters could read minds, so it was useless trying to lie. "I live by myself. My mother passed away two years ago and my father never came around. The last thing I heard was he was with someone else and had children." I explained, feeling uneasy.

He had a pained expression on his face. I don't know why he was feeling sorry for me, but I guess there was no point trying to explain it to him. "What else would you like to know?" he asked, watching me. "Well, whenever you came around, I always had this pain in my stomach. Why does it happen?" I asked. He stood up and ran a hand through his hair. I could tell he was debating his answer. "You just asked a million dollar question. I didn't find out until recent events, meaning when I saw you collapse that day. You see, even if you are a different type of shifter, this pain occurs when you are near someone who you are related to by blood. You don't feel it when you, for example, have half-siblings or not related to them entirely. As far as I know, you have never felt it around Holly and Lyric. It appears that I am the only one who causes you to collapse." he explained, being slow with his explanation.

"So, we are related?" I asked. I could feel my curiosity growing, which was a bad sign. I hardly knew this man in front of me. Now he is saying that we are related. What was he to me? A short, blonde woman with a black dress came into the courtyard. She seemed to smile at me, but even wider at the man. He walked over to her and kissed her gently on the lips, bringing her towards me. "Cameron, who is this?" she asked, gazing at me. His name was Cameron. My father's name was Cameron. "Bridget, I would like you to meet someone who I have known for fourteen years." he said, looking at me. I stood up in an instant, backing up and shaking my head. "This can't be happening. You can't be him!" I shouted, tears swelling up into my eyes. He nodded his head, ashamed. He was unpleased with what I had said. "Bridget, I would like you to meet my daughter, Breanna." he said, looking at me.

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