Chapter Twenty-Four

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On December 17, I will be turning fifteen. It will be my third birthday alone. Although I had Marcus and our friends, I wish that my parents were around to celebrate it. It was during these times that I missed them both the most, especially my mother. It was harder for my mother to come down because she was dead. My father, however, was still alive but didn't know I was still around. Even though my parents never got along, I wished they were both around to help me celebrate.

Even though I'm almost fifteen, I can still remember one of the most horrific fights they ever had. I was two years old when it happened. This fight had cost my father greatly. He had lost my mother and myself. He had also lost a place to stay at. My mother was so angry with him. She couldn't look at him anymore. Now, at two years old, I should not have been around to witness this fight or even remember it. It's almost hard to forget a fight this bad.

Whenever they had fought, it was mostly over money. My father would spend a large amount of money and Mom was never happy about it. One time after their fight, my father left the house and was never seen until the next day. I could still hear my mother crying in her bedroom. Mom was certain that something had happened to him. She had hoped that her harsh words were not the last words she would say to him.

As a two year old, I didn't like hearing my mother so upset. I had always wanted to run into her room and cheer her up somehow, but I knew she wouldn't like seeing me awake. Eventually, her crying would stop. She had cried herself to sleep. My father never came home until the early morning the next day. According to her, he had been drinking. The stench of alcohol was on his breath. She had tried to help him into a room, but he kept shrugging her off.

Whenever he was drunk, he couldn't control his actions, no matter how hard he tried. He was very verbal with my mom, using harsh tones and speaking loud. I remember hearing my mother shush him so he wouldn't wake me up. Little did they know that I was already up. I remember reaching up to the door, turning it open just a crack. Mom was still trying to help him into the spare room. This time, his reaction was hard on her. I had saw him lift his hand up and hit her across her face. Her hand had come up to her cheek, touching the spot he hit her. I could still see the shocked expression on his face and how he tried to beg for forgiveness.

Mom had let him go and walked into her bedroom, shutting the door to her bedroom. He slumped down to the floor, looking up at the ceiling. I thought that was the fight that ended their marriage. When I had gotten older, Mom told me that he had hooked up with another woman during a nasty fight they had. That was what ended their marriage. I never had the same respect for my father ever again.

The pounding steps on pavement was what shook me out of my memory. I didn't realize on how much I walked. The motel was no longer in sight when I turned around. Instead, I could see Holly, Lyric, and Marcus running after me. I knew that Marcus was going to tell them that I had left. Why couldn't he keep his mouth shut for once? I wonder if he had told Holly instead of Lyric. Instead of letting them catch up to me, I started running myself, not even caring that I didn't shift into my disguise. "Breanna, please stop!" shouted Marcus. I could hear him starting to run faster, trying to catch up to me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, not caring about the burn I was feeling in my calves.

Eventually, I could feel myself slowing down. I was starting to get tired from all the running I was doing. I came back into a brisk pace, but Marcus had kept running. It didn't take much longer until he caught up with me. Holly and Lyric were still farther behind, but they had stopped running altogether. They were giving us some space to talk. "What do you want, Marcus?" I asked, fighting the anger down. "You need to stop walking off. You could get yourself hurt or worse." he replied, sorrow in his eyes. "Why do you care?" I asked. The look of hurt in his eyes was unbearable. I had just wanted to reach out and take those words back, but I couldn't. "I'm your boyfriend, Breanna. I would be devastated if you had gotten hurt and I couldn't do anything about it. Remember what I did when Joel had hurt you?" he asked, sincerity in his voice.

I had remembered how he had defended me when Joel hurt my wrist. He was the only guy at Springwell Academy that ever stood up for me. He was the first and only real friend I had there. I let out a sigh. "Don't you have feelings for Holly?" I asked, giving into my sadness. He could see the sadness in my eyes. He began to shake his head in denial. "Holly means nothing to me, Breanna. Yes, she is a friend to me. She will never have what we do, Breanna." he said, taking my hand. I let him pull me closer to him, resting our foreheads together. He kissed me softly on my lips, being sweet and gentle. He loved me as much as I loved him and no one was going to take that away from us. We looked each other in the eyes and pulled back from each other, letting Holly and Lyric walk closer to us. Holly had a shocked expression on her face, as she walked passed us. "What is it, Holly?" asked Lyric, all three of us staring at her.

"We're here. We are in Dragonview." she said, turning around and smiling at us. We all ran up to her and saw the beautiful town of Dragonview. We were one step closer to seeing the master who could answer all of my questions. "What are we waiting for? Let's go in." I said.

We all started walking towards the town, eager with excitement. Well, I was mostly excited. I was very close to meeting the man who would be able to answer all of my questions. I can't wait until I can set my mind on ease.

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