Chapter Twenty-Three

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Bright sunlight woke me up from a deep sleep. It had ruined a good dream that I was having. It involved Marcus and I in Dragonview. We were actually free from the laboratories that wanted to hunt us. We discovered that they blew up and lost all of their work. Not even Marcus getting out of bed had woke me up from this marvelous dream. I opened my eyes, but then immediately shut them again. The light had hurt my sensitive eyes.

"Here, let me get the blind." said Marcus. He walked over to the window tiredly, and then pulled the blinds down. I opened my eyes and saw Marcus. "Thank you." I said. I sat up in bed, just as Marcus sat down beside me. "How did you sleep?" he asked. He reached over and put his hand over mine. I smiled at the warmth of his hand. "I slept great, and you?" I asked. "I slept great as well." he said, smiling. Although we slept great, my conscious knew that something was still wrong.

After the attack, it left Lyric injured. We have no idea if his bones were able to heal quickly enough or not. If not, we would have to prepare for the worse. "I know you're worrying about Lyric." he said, coming closer to me. "We could be going back today, but I can't do it." I replied, looking at him. "Holly knows how to help him. You just have to trust her." he said. I nodded my head in agreement.

I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. How was I supposed to trust a complete stranger? Then, another thought occurred to me. Why did Holly and I look somewhat alike? I know Lyric is her twin, but we all have similar features. "Did you ever noticed how Holly and I look alike?" I asked. The question had stunned him. He did not think of it either. "You look somewhat alike, but I highly doubt it's any coincidence." he responded, looking closer at me.

He was really looking for details or similarities. He may or may not believe me. It didn't matter if he did or not. I know what I see and I think we look alike. Could it be possible that I had a sister? It would be impossible though. My mother didn't have any other kids and the last I knew my father didn't want any more kids. Also, why would they come looking for me? My father didn't want anything to do with me when I was younger. Hell, he didn't even come home when my mother died. He never even knew that I was still a part of his family. I was thankful that I didn't have to see him anymore.

There was a loud knock on the hotel door that made me jump. I only prayed that it was Holly or Lyric. When Marcus opened the door, I was relieved to see Holly in the doorway. She walked in hesitantly, like she was afraid to tell us bad news. "How is he?" I asked. He had to fine. We can't turn around after how far we have come. I know I sound really selfish, but we need to find these answers. She took a deep breath and then looked at Marcus and I. I was prepared for the worst, but then she smiled.

"His body healed the way we wanted it to last night. I was up all night with him and watched every single bone click back into place. It's mesmerizing, but also looks incredibly painful at the same time." she answered. I sighed a breath of relief and smiled. "You had me so worried. I thought he wasn't going to be able to come with us." I said. She laughed and sat down on the chair. "Nonsense. Even if he wasn't healed, he would probably keep going. He wouldn't be able to shift, but he would keep walking with us. He doesn't disobey our master." she explained.

She explained to us how when their master order the packs to do something, it gets done whether or not they like it. Holly had faced many punishments when she didn't do something correctly or quickly enough. Her worst one was having to be placed inside of a jail cell and was told to stay shifted for longer than usual. That was how she grown used to her shifts. Lyric didn't have to face anything similar. He was always the "better" wolf. He made sure everything was done on time.

"When he first turned, my master made sure he was fine before he left. My first shift, he never did such a thing. It seemed like he wanted me to embrace the pain more than ever." she explained. Her master sounded like a cruel man. Why am I supposed to meet him? "I hope you don't mind me asking, but is your master your father?" I asked. Marcus shook his head in disapproval, while Holly just smiled. "He is mine and Lyric's biological father. That is all that I can tell you right now. If there are any other questions, you have to ask our master." she explained and then stood up.

"Where are you going?" I asked. I hope I didn't offend her too much. She opened the door and then looked back at us. "I'm going back to the room to get Lyric. We'll be leaving shortly." she said, walking out the door and then closing it behind her. "You shouldn't have asked her. She could've been uncomfortable." said Marcus. I knew he was going to say something to me about it. I just didn't think he would be so angry about it.

"I was just curious, Marcus. You don't have to be so mad." I replied. He looked over at me, like I said something completely stupid. "Of course I will be mad. You invaded her privacy. That isn't like you, Breanna." he replied, trying to keep anger out of his voice. "Stop fighting to hide your anger. I can clearly see it on your face." I said, letting the anger out.

This was it. The first real argument we were going to have. How strange was it that it was going to be about Holly? He could be starting to get feelings for her and it will just be a matter of time that he leaves me for her. How could she do this to me? I don't even know the girl. He doesn't either, but how could he be acting protective over her? "You could tell she was uncomfortable. Yet, you asked her after she told her story about her and Lyric. It's just something you don't ask." he said. "I never thought you would be so protective over her." I replied, letting some anger slip.

"I am not being protective over her. I am just saying that it was stupid to ask." he said, not realizing what he said. "I didn't realize being curious led to a stupid question." I said, standing up. "That's not what I meant." he replied, walking over to me. As he reached for my hand, I pushed him away. I opened the door and started walking away. "Where are you going?" he shouted, standing in the doorway. I started walking in the direction towards Dragonview. "I'm going to Dragonview, whether or not you come with me." I shouted back.

I knew that it was a bad idea to start walking on my own, but I needed to. I was just so angry at him. I was jealous that he could be having feelings for another girl other than me. How was I supposed to feel? I can't just believe that there is nothing going on between them, Well, actually I could. He may not even have feelings for Holly and it was just my imagination. I don't mean to feel threatened by Holly, but I do. I'll just have to prepare for the worst if he decides that Holly is better than me. Until then, I am just going to keep walking.

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