Chapter Twenty-One

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Surprisingly enough, the walking to Dragonview wasn't too bad. We all kept pace with each other, making sure that one wasn't faster than the other. Lyric was leading us, while Holly stayed behind us. If anything was to attack us, one of them could go after it. It was a brilliant strategy, but it felt a little crowded. We were hoping to make it out of Springwell in the next couple of hours, or at least before Marcus and I had to change back. The blowbacks were going to brutal.

From what Holly told us when we had a short break, we still had a couple of kilometers to go before we were out of Springwell. We were aiming to get into a place called Highcoast before we had to shift. I had explained to her about the blowbacks and she told Lyric to go into a gas station and try to find the items we would need. Sure enough, he came out with a bag that had everything we needed. It was mostly for our backs, since it would be tough to walk around until the blowback went away.

"Holly, can I ask you something?" I asked, just as she was ready to shift back. "Sure." she replied, looking up at me. I took a deep breath in and went with what my heart wanted me to ask. "Am I somewhat related to your master?" I asked, watching her carefully. The expression on her face had said it all before she could answer me. "You are, but don't let him know I told you. He gave us specific orders not to tell you anything." she explained, her expression changing. "If he's related to me, why didn't he just come to Springwell and see me?" I asked. She started shaking her head. "I can't give you the answers you're looking for, Breanna. Dragonview has the answers you want and I'm sure our master can explain them to you." she replied.

Before I could ask any more questions, she started screaming. All of the bones that had to be broken in her body was excruciating. It was so scary to watch, since you could see the bones breaking physically. Her skin moving up in different angles as the bones moved. Finally, there was no longer a person in front of me, but a wolf. She moved her head, as in telling me to start walking. I stood next to Marcus and then started walking again.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, looking at me. I looked at him, also watching where I was stepping. "I'm mostly feeling scared. Whoever this person is, he could be someone we can't handle." I explained, feeling so many different emotions. He took my hand in his, kissing the top of my hand. "If you could handle creepy Mr. Brennigan, you can handle anything." he said, smiling at me. That was true. That day when Marcus found out, I made sure to tell him everything that had happened between Mr. Brennigan and my mother. He felt extremely sorry for me, but I knew it was something I had to do.

"Do you have any idea who this person could be?" I asked curiously. Before he could answer my question, we heard a bunch of sticks cracking in the woods. Lyric stopped in front of us, causing us all to stop. He turned around to look at his sister and nodded his head. We started to walk slowly, careful not to move to fast. It felt like there was danger. It had to be, since Marcus was blocking my view from the right side. Holly grunted behind us and I looked back. She shook her head no, as if to say not to speak. More sticks had cracked, while silent communicating went on between Lyric and Holly.

Lyric moved from being in the front to being on the left side of me, while Holly moved to the right side of Marcus. That was enough confirmation that someone was invading our travels. I kept looking around me, taking note of my surroundings. Marcus moved closer to me, wrapping his arm around me to protect me. Holly sniffed the air, moving her head in different spots every time. Lyric kept moving his head from side to side, preparing for any attack that was supposed to occur. We walked slowly, hoping to keep quiet while we moved. If we were to face trouble, there is a possibility that we wouldn't reach our location before Marcus and I had to shift. This wasn't a good sign for any of us.

All of a sudden, Lyric went in front of us, stopping us from walking further. In front of us were two large wolves, one with a reddish-brown coat and one with a full black coat. Behind them was a very tall, female. She had to be in her late forties, but could have been younger. She was in head to toe black with a hoodie, gym pants, sneakers, even a hat to hide her light blonde hair that slipped out. Holly looked at Lyric and nodded her head, as she shifted into her human form. She walked in front of us, not going to far from us or close to them.

"Who are you?" she asked, looking at the woman. She had also moved to the front like Holly, but she was closer to her pack than ours. "That is a question I should be asking you." she answered, her voice filling the cold night. "I am Holly and this is my brother, Lyric. We were on our way to Dragonview." she replied, keeping her voice steady. "You have two Age-Shifters with you. What business do they have up there?" she asked, her gaze finding mine. I looked immediately to the ground, keeping them there until her gaze was back at Holly.

"Our master has called upon them. He wishes to speak with the girl, but he knew that she wouldn't leave without the other male. He has answers for the girl." she explained, sounding professional. The older woman looked at Holly, and then at Marcus and I. "I am Eva. I was sent out here by my master to get rid of these Age-Shifters." she replied. Marcus's arm pulled me tighter to him, hoping to give me some comfort. There was no way I could calm my mind down.

Whenever someone said 'get rid ' of something, they always mean kill them. I am so close to finding the answers that I needed. I couldn't have anyone ruin my chance to get these answers. I was opening my mouth, preparing to speak to the woman named Eva, when Lyric growled. I shut my mouth instantly, looking at the other wolves.

The wolf with the full black coat had his teeth bared, growling at Lyric. Was there any communication going on between them? Of course there was. They were both shape-shifters. Holly moved closer towards her brother, but he nudged her away from him. Was something about to happen? "It doesn't have to be like this. We weren't doing anything to disturb the peace." said Holly, trying to stay calm. I kept looking back between Lyric and the black wolf, praying that nothing would happen. "You are correct, but these Age-Shifters can. We were given orders to get rid of them when we saw them." explained Eva, reaching down to pet the brown wolf.

Holly looked down at her brother, nodding her head. Before I could ask what was going on, the black wolf ran towards Lyric. Holly looked towards Eva, noting how they were distracted enough to not pay any attention to us. "You two have to hide somewhere, until I can come find you." Holly explained, looking back towards her brother. The black wolf had Lyric pinned to road, dirt getting in his coat. "Where can we go?" asked Marcus, grabbing my hand. "If you are able to climb, get into the trees. They can't climb really high." she explained, pointing to the trees. Before any of us could respond, Holly was shifted back into a wolf, ignoring the bones cracking and the intense pain she felt before.

As Marcus started to pull her into the dark forest, she turned and looked over her shoulder. She wished she did not look back. She saw that Holly lunged at Eva, going towards her leg. The brown wolf was soaked into the fight, that he didn't even notice until it was too late. Breanna could see the blood from the leg Holly bit into and heard the chilling screams from Eva. We were going to be behind schedule because of this fight. All I could think about was if Lyric and Holly were going to be okay and how painful the blowback was going to be when we got to our hiding place. This was going to be a long trip. 

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