Chapter Nineteen

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June 6, 2005 - Ten years ago

I took hold of my mom's hand as we started crossing the street. Mommy had always told me that it was important. It was because the big cars were capable of things I couldn't imagine. We were going to Mom's car because she was taking me to the toy store. I wanted to get a new dolly, so I saved up money to buy a new doll. "Now, Breanna. You only have enough money for one dolly, okay?" she said, buckling me up in the back seat. "Yes Mommy. I just can't wait." I replied excitedly. She kissed my tiny forehead and shut the back door. She got into the driver's seat, or that's what she called it. I remembered asking her earlier last week about it and if I could drive it. She smiled at me and had told me, "You can't drive yet, my sweet girl. You won't need to worry about it for awhile." I couldn't understand it. If she could drive, how come I couldn't? I never asked though. I was afraid that Mommy would get mad at me. She put her belt on and started up the car. She pulled out of the driveway and headed for the mall. When we arrived, the bright colors of the Toys R Us store were off. I was upset because I liked the lit up letters. "Hold my hand, Breanna." she said, reaching for my hand. I grabbed her hand and walked across the street, feeling excitement. I wanted to run throughout the store, but I knew Mommy would tell me to behave or we would leave. It took every bone I had in my body to keep myself from running. I wanted to run straight to the dolls, but I needed Mommy to come with me. I was a shy person in front of big people. She looked down at me and smiled. "I know you are itching to get to the dolls so let's head over." she said, holding my hand. We walked over to the toy section for girls and looked for the perfect doll. I looked through the shelves, trying to figure out which doll I like. Finally, my eyes connected with the plastic eyes of the perfect doll. She was a tan colored doll, that had black hair and green eyes. She wore an indian style outfit, like she was Native. The company that made the doll probably intended for that style. "Mommy, I want that doll." I pointed to the one that looked like a Native. "That is a perfect doll, Breanna." she said, picking up the box and held it under her arm. We walked around the store, looking at all the beautiful toys the store had. I didn't want to get anymore toys. I already had the perfect doll and there was no way anyone was going to take it away from me. We got to the check-out, where a nice lady was standing behind the counter. "Is that all today, ma'am?" she asked, smiling at my mother. "Yes it is." she replied, returning the smile. "That will be twenty dollars." she said, waiting for my mother to hand her the cash. I handed her my money and watched as she counted it. "You just had enough, little girl." she said, in a kind voice. Her smile flashed her pearly white teeth. I bounced up and down and laughed."Calm down, Breanna." said my mother, fighting a smile on her face. I couldn't calm down. I was very hyped up with happiness. The cashier smile and handed me the bag with my doll inside. "Thank you!" I shrieked happily, running out of the store. "Breanna!" my mother yelled, as I was about to cross the street. "I'm sorry, Mommy." I said, calming myself down. She took my hand and crossed the street to our car. "You know better, young lady." she said, clearly anger in her voice. I felt horrible for the way I acted. She strapped me into my car seat and shut the door, going into the driver's seat.She drove us home, not talking the entire way there. I didn't know if I embarrassed her in the store or not, but I knew that I was going to get a time out. "Mommy, I really am sorry." I piped up, looking at her. She met my gaze in the mirror. "I know you are, Breanna. You just have to be more careful." she said, looking back on the road. She parked into the driveway and took me out of the car seat. I brought the doll inside and started to get her out of the packaging. "Am I going into time out?" I asked, continuing to get the doll out. She shook her head at me. "No. I think today was just exciting for you." she answered, watching me get the doll out. I held the doll close to me, making sure that nothing happened to her. "She is a beautiful doll. A beautiful doll for a beautiful little girl." she said, looking at me. I smiled at her back. "What do you plan on naming her, Breanna?" she asked curiously. I looked at the doll, her green eyes staring at me. "I'll name her Cassie." I said, smiling at the doll.

June 6, 2015 - Present

I looked at my doll, remembering the memories it had shared with me. I smiled at the thought of little five year old me running around the Toys R Us. I loved that day. Cassie was the best doll I had when I was little. I remember losing her and the next day, my aunt found her. Oh yeah, that was another twist too. Today was a year ago since I got the doll and that my aunt was taken away from us. From what my mother told me, which was very little, my aunt was walking to our house. When she heard that I was getting a doll, she decided to bring Cassie some doll clothes so I could change her outfit. She had only made it halfway to the house, when her shifting abilities overcame her. She turned into a ninety year old woman in a matter of minutes. At that time, a group of scientists from the laboratories had noticed it and had taken her in for experimenting. It was the last time I saw her. Whenever I thought about her, I always assumed that she was dead. Marcus walked into the house, obviously not bothering to knock. "Hi." he said. I looked over at him, the doll clutched to my chest. "Hey." I said back, my voice faltering. He came over and pulled me into a hug, holding me tight against him. "I'm here now, Breanna." he said, rubbing my back. I looked up at him seriously, knowing that I had to tell him. I had explained to him what had happened yesterday. Everything about Holly and Lyric, how I had to leave Springwell to find out who their master was, but mostly everything I could tell him. I even told him that I didn't want to go alone. "That settles it then. I'll be going with you." he said, not wasting a breath. "We are leaving tomorrow. Holly and Lyric said that their master wants to meet me as soon as possible." I explained, packing some T-shirts into a bag. "How are we going to leave without getting caught?" he asked, looking at me. "We're going to be shifting. We'll have to warn them that we can't stay shifted for very long." I said, packing up the rest of my clothes. Marcus and I were going to find out who this master was and how he knew me. The trip was going to be long, but if it was to solve everything about us, then it would be worth it.

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