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I went out I don't think drake is still there it's been two years since I was there He left or died its obiosly to late I saw a gun shop

I went in and found a backpack it had a pistol with 13 bullets some food I took some things and I heard someone yell , HEY THAT'S MY STUF turn two me , it was a girl named Rachel , sorry I only have a knife , do you have anyone with you , I did , go in the back ok, ill be back later don't move , OK ... not like There's anything to do , I decided to go to sleep

She opened the door that kept me in there she was with another person , this is cris ,well hey cris I'm mark , ok .. Mark we have a place that's safe follow me , I followed him but I saw a gun sow I grabbed it but didn't tell them , is this place far guys , they said if five miles away is far then yes , later we encountered walkers I pulled my gun out I shot one , were did you get that , it seems like a good thing I got it , oh crap , I ran , they said were you going , ITS A BIG , RUN TO THE HOTELL , there's more ahead , I shot them with my pistol then I opened the door , bericade the door , we ran upstairs we are on the roof , shit I heard it bust through , rachal cris do you have a map , yes , give me it , they gave it to me I told them to go and ill be there

I went downstairs and started shooting it it tried to ram me I dodged it and stabed it's head it didn't die I ran it chased me I turned and shot it i reached the end of the roof It tried to ram me again I dodged it and it fell off it was alive I took out my pistol and shot it once and it died , ugh .. I ... I better get some rest I realized I got a bad cut on my leg , I remembered they gave me bandages I put it on my leg and went to sleep

In the morning I looked at the map
I found out I have to go through the woods and a small town right know I'm going to the gun shop because
Rebeca left her bag there i counted 4 bullets I don't have the pocket knife it's stock in in the big walkers head I went down the stairs and there was 3 bullets so now I have 7 and There's a hatchet and some chicken luckily the stove worked I started cooking it , WERE IS MY SHIT , I heard some people talking , YOU KNOW WHAT
(Boom) one shot the other it attracted more walkers so I shot him And dragged him in the hotel I barricaded the room they had a bag and a crossbow with 9 arrows 17 bullets a revolver with 6 bullets an empty shotgun so I went out

NEW people NEW supplies NEW meds

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