Chapter Three: haleys pov 6 months later...

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"Haley, what's up?" James asks over the phone.
"Nothing. I'm just getting dressed for work." I say trying to pull my tights on.
"Let me guess...tights?" He asks.
"Yes. You gotta stop doing that. It creeps me out." I say.
"You do realize that we're on the phone so I can hear what your doing."
"Shut up." I say with a small laugh. I pull my shorts and shirt on, then pick the phone up. "Shit. I have to go." I say looking at my watch.
"Why?" He asks.
"I have to get to work." I say, heading to the door.
"Ok. Well can I call you in the morning?" He asks.
"Yeah. I seriously have to go." I hang up and run out the door.
My shift at the bar ends around 3AM so there's no cabs. I had a car until some drunk idiot backed into it a few weeks ago. It's cold, so I pull my jacket closer around me.
About 2 blocks from my apartment, a guy starts to follow me, so I cut through the alley behind my apartment.
"Where you going beautiful?" He asks grabbing onto my arm.
"Home. Let me go." I say, trying to pull away.
"That's not happening sweetheart." He slams me into the wall, knocking the air out of me. As I gasp for breath, he pulls my shorts down, taking my tights with them. Tears well up in my eyes, making my visions blur.
"P...please stop!" I beg.
"It's only the beginning sweetheart." He pushes me up on the wall and shoves his fingers in me. I let out a silent scream. He moves his fingers around trying to make me wet, but he just gives up.
"You're tight baby." He says before attacking my lips with his. "You'll be a good fuck." He brings me down on him, making me scream. He covers my mouth with his hand. "Shhh. You're gonna be ok." I bite down on his hand, but he doesn't even flinch. "You gotta do more than that sweetheart."
When he's done, he drops me to the ground and runs away. I reach for my purse and grab my phone out of it.
I'm shaky and my vision is going in and out, but I manage to dial 911.
"911 emergency, how can I help you?" A lady asks.
"I wa...was just r...rapped." I whisper, realizing how little my voice is.
"Where are you?" She asks.
"On 26th and Albrook. In the alley."
"I'm sending an ambulance, please sta..." I pass out before she can finish.
When I wake up, I'm in the back of an ambulance, a blanket thrown over my legs. I feel that I have pants on so I relax a bit.
"Ms. Swan?" A cop asks.
"Yeah." I keep my eyes on my hands.
"Can you tell me what the guy looked like?"
"He was older. Maybe his thirties. I don't remember much else." I say.
"Where do you live?" He asks, so I point to the building across the street.
"Haley?" Dakota asks, running over to me. "What happened?" She asks.
"She's another rape victim." The cop says before I can speak.
"Oh my god." She hugs me and looks at me with sad eyes. "I'll take her home." She helps me up and walks me to my apartment.
Dakota and I became friends before Tyler and James left. She comes over a lot so she doesn't have to be alone.
"Where's James' number?" She asks.
"No." I say quickly.
"Haley, you have to tell him." She says.
"I will, just not right now." I grab my phone and put it in my pocket.
"Dakota?" I ask.
"Is it hard keeping a relationship with Tyler? Since he's in the military?" She sits down next to me.
"No." She says simply. "You always get letters and phone calls, and you know that what they're doing is important, so you eventually become ok with it.
"I think the hardest part is when the door bell rings and you pray to god your kid doesn't hear because you know there's a chance it could be someone telling you he's dead."
"I don't think I could bring a kid into that." I say looking down.
"You'll change your mind."
"I thought it was a surprise for you and Tyler?" I say.
"Or that happens."
"Why don't you use a condom?" I ask
"Because. You guys know that it'll be a while before you do it so you don't want to have to worry about that." She smiles and looks down.
"You and Tyler are so sappy." I say laughing.
"I know. You and James are too." I shake my head.
"No. We're normal." I say.
"He calls you twice a week and Tyler says that he's always happy after you two talk."
"You and Tyler talk about us?" I ask.
"Of course." She looks up at me. "Don't hurt him." She says, suddenly serious.
"I won't. I promise." I say.
"I've known James for a long time. He loves you. Don't hurt him. Ok?"
"I won't. I honestly can't imagine my life without him." She smiles.
"Ok." She heads to the bathroom and i fall asleep on the couch.
Ok. I really hope you guys like it. It took me a while to write it perfectly but I got it up.
I'll update on the weekends since I have softball and school all this week.

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