Chapter Eighteen

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The only things that I remembered from last night was kissing Marcus goodbye and telling me that he loves me. I could still picture him saying that he loves me. Yes, it just happened last night, but I would always remember that. I was never really loved by anyone, besides my mother. I remembered a few months ago, I thought that Joel was going to be the love of my life. When I found out he wasn't, I was crushed. Now, I was happy that he wasn't. He would've made me unhappy. Marcus, on the other hand, has made me happy and I was glad he loved me, as I love him. There was only one bad memory that I remembered from last night, and that was the two people who came in my yard. I remembered that it was a brother and sister that came last night. Even though I never seen what they looked like, I didn't know them. They came for me by their master's orders. What kind of person orders people to search for someone they didn't know? I wanted to know who they were. I wanted to know who their master is. Most importantly, I wanted to know why they needed me. I got dressed for school, wearing a pair of black jeans and a blue T-shirt. I decided that I was wearing my hair up in a ponytail, just to keep it out of my face. I threw on a pair of black Converse and walked out the door. I decided that since it was a beautiful day, I was going to walk to school. Then again, rain or shine, I walk to school. Marcus lived too far away from the school to walk, so he took the bus. Normally, he would walk home with me when he wanted to hang out. His parents usually came for him afterwards or he took the long walk. I walked into the school and breathed in the scent. Well, I guess a school didn't have a smell, unless it was after a gym period. Then, the school smelled of sweat. In a couple of weeks, school would be out and I would have successfully went to Grade Nine. Marcus had just made the cut. He had mentioned that Mrs. Gomez told him that he just passed all of his courses. He promised to the both of us that he would do better in Grade Nine. Joel was a year ahead of me, so he was going into Grade Ten. There was something odd about him though. The principal was talking to him when I walked into the school. It seemed like he was with his father and Joel seemed angry. "Ten bucks that he is transferring schools." said Marcus from behind. "He's probably getting in trouble again." I replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled, as his cheeks started to go red. "I honestly doubt that." he replied, getting serious again. "It's almost the end of the year. He wouldn't transfer to a new school this late." I said, looking in the office. It seemed like Joel wasn't too happy with what was happening. His father was explaining something to the principal. The principal seemed to be happy with what was happening. If Joel was transferring, then that meant I would never see him again. Was that what I really wanted?The bell rang and the hallways of the Academy became crowded. "I'll see you at lunch." said Marcus, kissing my forehead. He merged into the crowds and then disappeared. I started walking to class, when Joel, his father, and the principal came out of the office. "Breanna, there are people here to see you." said Mr. Brennigan. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "You are out of school for the day. They came and excused you." he answered, looking at me funny. I walked into the office and I already knew who they were.It was the strangers from my backyard, whose master was looking for me. I was tempted to walk back out into the lobby, but I needed answers. "Are you Breanna Lawson?" asked the female, looking me up and down. There was a resemblance between her and her brother. I wondered if they were twins. She stared at me, waiting for my answer. "Yes. Who are you?" I asked sternly. "That can wait. Come with us." she said, taking my elbow and leading me out of the Academy. "Where are we going?" I asked, feeling a bit of pain. "We are going far from the school. We can talk there privately." she answered, moving towards the forest.The last time I was in the forest, it was because of the incident with Cristal. We walked into the cold, dark forest. Our feet kept cracking sticks or crunching on leaves. When the girl knew she was deep enough in the forest, she let me go. "As long as you don't run away, we won't hold you. If you run, my brother is very fast. He will catch you and you will be captive until we explain everything." she explained, looking at her brother and then at me. I nodded my head in understandment. I wasn't planning on running in the first place. I wanted some answers to a few questions I had. "Alright, explain everything to me." I replied, looking at the female."This should answer some of the questions you have in your head. My name is Holly Davidson and this is my brother, Lyric Davidson," she said. "Lyric, as in song lyrics?" I asked, confused. She glared at me. "Yes, now don't interrupt. Yes, we were in your backyard because we were looking for you. Our master had sent for us to find you and bring you back to Dragonview. That way, you can meet him personally." she explained. It still didn't answer two of my questions. "What are you two? I can already tell you are not human." I said, looking at the both of them. "We are both shape-shifters. We know that you are an age-shifter because of what our master told us." said Lyric, ignoring Holly's glare.Their master was a male. He had done a profile check on me, but how was that possible? How did he even know I was an age-shifter? I wonder if their master was also a shape-shifter. If that was the case, then maybe he checked up on me as the wolf. Lyric and Holly looked at each other with a pained expression. "We can read your mind. We're sorry, but we aren't allowed to tell you who our master is or what he is until you meet him." said Lyric. So, there was a request to this as well. I wasn't allowed to know who he was until I met him.We heard sticks cracking behind us and we all turned around to defend each other. The person came out of the camouflage and I saw that it was Joel. "I wanted to help, but I also wanted to know who the attractive young lady is." he said, winking at Holly. She rolled her eyes at Joel, but Lyric had anger written all over his face. "Joel, go away. None of this is your business." I said. He walked past me, clearly not listening to a word I said. "What is your name? I'd like to get to know you better." he said, trying to flirt. "I'm sorry, but you are not my type." she replied, looking at her brother. Lyric was in front of Joel in no time, and that was when the fight began.Holly and I stood back, worried about Lyric. Obviously, Lyric was going to win this fight. Joel was smaller than Lyric, plus Lyric had an advantage. He was a shape-shifter. By the time the fight was over, Joel was bruised and bloodied, while Lyric came out scratch free. Holly walked over to her brother, making sure there was nothing wrong with him. "Get the hell out of here, Joel." I said, trying to fight anger out of my voice. He looked at me and then smiled. "It's your lucky day, princess. I'm moving out of Springwell. I won't have to see your ugly face again." he said, walking out of the forest. That was the last thing that Joel had ever said to me before he left. The next day, I found out that Joel had moved to a place called Clifford Heights. It was also a small town, but it was perfect for Joel. He was a rich kid after all. I found out about it because of Cristal's blubbering. She didn't want Joel to leave Springwell, but even I knew that he wouldn't stay for her. Joel's words kept haunting me ever since he said them. Holly and Lyric wanted to stay, but I told them to report back to their master. It was time that I made my way up to Dragonview and I knew I wasn't going alone.

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