Chapter Seventeen

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I pulled on the door, hoping that the lock would somehow break. The chilling air of the night made my hands go numb, making them almost useless. How was I so stupid to let the door close? Of course, I didn't even notice it closing because of the wolf. Didn't Marcus hear the door shut? I wonder if he is still in the house. No, he couldn't have been. He probably left when I went to cool off. I should have known better than that. I should have stayed inside with him. I didn't even remember locking the outside door when I walked out. I also didn't bump into anything as I was walking out. I gave the door a final tug and then gave up. It was pointless to keep trying to open the door. I couldn't even walk around to the front door because I knew I locked it when Marcus came over. I went back over to the door, getting ready to try to pull open the door again, but then backed away. No matter how hard I pulled, the door wasn't going to open. Even if I shifted into an adult, I'd have two problems. I would have to face a blowback and get questioning looks from nearby neighbours. I also had to be careful of my wrist or else I would hurt my wrist even more.I realized then that my wrist was stinging like mad. It actually felt like my wrist was bleeding. I knew I was being paranoid then, because there was no way I could have cut myself. I walked over to one of the lounge chairs on the step and laid down on it. The night sky was cloudless, so the moon and stars were clear as day in the sky. I looked over at the grass and saw how the moonlight was making it illuminate against the ground. It was a perfect night to be stargazing. It was hard to relax, because all I could think of was trying to get back inside. The night was perfect, but the cold air made my body shiver. The hair on my arms were standing up and every few minutes I would get chills. The wind would die down for a little bit, but before I was able to warm up, it would start up again. I wrapped my arms around myself, hoping that I would find something to crawl under. Would cushioning from a lounge chair work? I got up quickly, grabbing the cushions from the other chair. I laid back down on the chair and placed one of the cushions on my feet. Then, I took two more cushions and placed them on my sides. The final two cushions I had went behind my head and on my face.Placing the cushions on top of me was the best idea. They worked as wind blockers when the wind picked up again. I felt myself get warmed up and getting comfortable. They worked better than a blanket, but I still wouldn't do this unless it was necessary. This was one of those necessary times. While I was underneath the cushions, I had scary thoughts. How long would I be out here for? Will someone find me? Could I possibly die? Okay, that was an irrational thought, but I couldn't help it. I never had much confidence in myself when it came to survival. I didn't know how long I was underneath the cushions for, but I could hear the wind dying down, resting for the night. Should I take off the cushions? The wind did calm down and it doesn't feel cold anymore. As I was about to take off the cushions, I could hear footsteps in the grass. I started to panic. I realized that my legs were still noticeable. I looked around my surroundings, looking for something to cover my legs with. Quick as ever, I took the cushion from behind my head and placed it on top of my legs. Whoever the intruder was, I hope they didn't notice me.The footsteps grew closer, leaves and twigs crackling each step. I couldn't tell how many people were walking, but my heart started to race as they neared. "The master said that she lived in here." said a husky, female voice. She was whispering, but it was loud enough for me to hear it. "Are you sure? It seems like no one lives here." said a male voice, who was also whispering. It seemed like their master was looking for me. The footsteps have stopped, which had to mean they were near the step."Someone is home, sister. She turned on the porch light." said the male voice, concern in his voice. "We shall come back tomorrow, brother. We will tell the master that we did not see her yet." said the female voice, hearing anger in her voice. The footsteps started again, fading away with each step. I didn't realize I stopped breathing, until the pain in my chest started. I breathed deeply, oxygen filling my lungs. I didn't dare move, just in case they came back. Who was their master and why did he want me? There had to be a connection somewhere.I heard the porch door open, as I got ready to stand up. "Breanna?" asked Marcus, concern in his voice. "I sort of need help." I said, underneath the cushions. He rushed over to the chair and took off the cushions, lifting me up in his arms. "Why were you out here so long? I was getting worried." he explained, concern all over his face. "I couldn't get the door open. It was locked and I didn't know if you stayed back or not." I answered, caressing his face. "Would you like to go back inside?" he asked, smiling at me. The smile didn't seem to reach his eyes and it made me sad."Let's stay outside. In fact, let's go out in the field." I said, as he released me from his arms. "As long as I'm with you, I'm up for anything." he replied, smiling. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. He never fails to make me blush. I took his hand and walked out to the field with him. We stood facing each other, smiling at each other like lunatics. The soft moonlight made Marcus's features stand out. "You look gorgeous under the moonlight, my love." he said, smoothing back a piece of hair on my face. "Thank you." I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close to him. He bent down and gave me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. I kissed him back softly and gently. A kiss under the moonlight was so romantic. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I was very happy when he kissed me. He broke the kiss and smiled at me, almost laughing. My heart was racing like crazy, as if I just went for a twenty minute jog. "Breanna, I want to tell you something." he said, looking at me seriously. "What do you want to tell me?" I asked, smiling at him still. "Breanna, the first day I saw you, I fell in love with you. It was not just your looks, but I could already tell you are a kind person. You are beautiful on the inside and out and I love you." he said, holding his breath. I felt my smile grow bigger. He told me he loves me and I felt the exact same way. "I love you too, Marcus. From day one, I knew that something was going to happen between us and I don't regret it one bit." I replied, smiling. He kissed me deeply then. I felt his love for me in the kiss and that he never wanted to let me go. We broke the kiss and then hugged each other tightly. "Don't ever let me go." I whispered, hugging him tight. "I promise that I won't, Breanna. I promise." he replied.

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