Chapter Sixteen

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Marcus took me inside after what had happened between Joel. After the fight, it had left me with a few cuts and scrapes, but I also had sprained my wrist somehow. I never felt the pain until Marcus squeezed my hand. He sat me down in the kitchen, going to the cupboard. "I'm fine, Marcus. I swear." I said, even though I knew I wasn't. "I know a sprained wrist when I see one." he replied, getting out the first aid kit. He was at my house long enough that he knew where everything was. He took out a pair of scissors and a bandage. He cut off some of the bandage and began to wrap my wrist. "You really need to be more careful when trying to break up a fight." he said, focused on wrapping. "I didn't want you to get hurt, so I tried to break it up. Obviously, it was a mistake." I said, looking at my wrist. He finished wrapping my wrist and then looked up at me. "It wasn't a mistake. It was an instinct. It came with a consequence, but I'm glad you tried to stop it." he explained. I could tell that he wasn't happy that I tried to stop the fight. He didn't like seeing me hurt, but I also didn't like seeing him get hurt.I bent over and give him a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I know you don't like it when I get hurt. You don't have to lie to me." I said, looking at him. His smile was weak, but he knew I meant every word. "Promise me you won't stop another fight." he said, looking serious. "I promise, Marcus." I replied. He walked over and took me in his arms. I felt the soothing comfort he gave off while I was in his arms. Marcus was the protective type of guy. From when Joel hurt me, that was when I knew. He was never violent, but when it came to me, he said he was. He couldn't bear to see me get hurt, especially when it was on purpose or by accident. The one time when Joel purposely threw a volleyball at the back of my head nearly got Marcus thrown out of class. Joel got in trouble and was forced to apologize, but I stopped him and said that it wasn't a big deal. I don't understand why he has to be such a jerk to me. It was his own fault!I felt myself starting to tense up, and I knew Marcus could feel it as well. He sat up instantly, being careful with my wrist. "What's wrong, love?" he asked, holding my uninjured hand. "Bad memories are resurfacing." I replied, resting my head on his shoulder. "It's about Joel, isn't it?" he asked, keeping his breathing steady. He hated Joel ever since he saw him hurt me. I nodded my head. "He doesn't know when to quit." I replied. He closed his eyes, clearly angry with him. "Just ignore him. He doesn't know what he's getting into." he said. Now that I thought about it, I was proud of myself for not telling Joel what I was. Even though he wouldn't believe me, I knew that he would spread it around town. It would've been a matter of time before the scientists came looking for me. They would be the only ones to ever believe Joel. I always wondered if my aunt was still alive. At least Marcus would still be safe, if I got him out of here in time."I just want him to leave me alone." I said, looking at him. He nodded his head, like he understood. "I can trust you, can't I?" he asked, looking serious. "Of course you can. Why would you ask that?" I asked, getting concerned. He took a deep breath in, closing his eyes. "I'm going to tell you something, but I don't want you to tell anyone." he replied. Who was I going to tell? I basically had no friends anyway. "I promise I won't, but you're starting to scare me." I said, getting nervous. "I used to be like Joel." he replied, looking dead serious.Of course, any normal person would get concerned, but only I would laugh. The little bubbles of laughter started climbing and eventually exploded. As I tried to contain my laughter, I could see the hurt in his eyes. The laughter subsided and I felt ashamed of myself. "I'm sorry for laughing." I said, looking down at my hands. "I know it's a silly thing to know, but it's true. I used to be like him." he replied. "Explain it to me. I just can't see how you would be like him." I said. He cleared his throat and began his story. "It was before I transferred here to Springwell Academy, maybe a few months before I did. I was, as my mother called it, the ladies man at my school. Anyway, this girl named Gabriella, who was a year younger than me, looked up to me. So, I started talking to her, thinking that she would leave me alone. Of course, she didn't and I would end up hiding in the men's bathroom until bell. One night, there was a party that another girl was holding. Don't even ask me what her name was because I don't remember. I went and she was also there. It was tricky to avoid her. No matter where I went, she was in my point of view. She noticed me and stormed up to me, pure anger just showing on her face. Before I could say anything, she slapped me straight across the face," he said, feeling the side of his face. It was like he could still feel the slap on his face. Before I could say anything, he continued. "I remember her shouting at me, saying that I shouldn't have pretended to be her friend. At that point, the entire party was staring at us, the music stopped. The whole crowd could hear what she was saying to me. Then, I remembered opening my mouth and told her right there that I knew that she had a pathetic little crush on me. It shut her up pretty quick. I said everything Joel had said to you in front of Cristal's party. I crushed her, made her cry. I really regretted it. When my mother told me that I was transferring to Springwell Academy, I couldn't have felt any happier. The day before I left, I found out that she was in the hospital. She overdosed on Advil or some type of pill and they had to do some surgery on her. Luckily she is still alive, but I was almost certain that she did that because of me. I was almost responsible for someone's death. I knew I had to change, so when I moved here, I became the quiet type and stuck to drawings. I became a lot nicer and decided to protect whoever needed it. I swore to myself that I would never become the guy I once was." he said, explaining everything. His entire story had shocked me. I never knew that Marcus had related to Joel in his past life in the UK. He really was like Joel, but instead of staying like that, he changed into a better person. Marcus was staring at me, while my brain continued to process. "Please say something, Breanna." he said, grasping my hand. I let him hold it, knowing that he was a better person now. I looked him in the eye and smiled. "You know what, I'm proud that you could tell me your past. I can see that you're a better person now and I like you for that. Nothing changes how I feel about you, but I felt a little disappointed in how you handled Gabriella's feelings. I'm not judging you for your past though, but let's just live in the now." I replied, hugging him close. His arms had wrapped around my back, pushing me against his body. "I never want to lose you, Breanna." he whispered, his cheek resting on my shoulder. "You will never lose me. I promise." I replied, knowing I would keep that promise. He let me go, and then kissed me deeply on my lips. I returned the kiss, knowing we both needed it. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. "I'm going to go outside for a little bit. I just want to be in private with my mother." I explained, caressing his cheek. "Take all the time you need." he said, kissing my cheek. I felt my face flush and went to the balcony.The cold, night air was what I needed. It cooled down my face after Marcus's kiss. I was glad he gave me the privacy I needed, because I found it tough to comprehend what Marcus had said. I understood everything that he said, and I was glad he told me the truth, but what if he did do the same thing to me? I know that I was already his girlfriend, but what if he ended things with me? The thoughts were flooding through, that I didn't even know that I was crying. I wiped my tears away and headed for inside, when I felt it. I turned around and saw the wolf, watching me. He was halfway behind the rock, like he was hoping he would escape. We kept staring at each other, as I looked for something familiar about the wolf. Only his fur had some type of resemblance. His fur was like salt and pepper. It was like a male's hair color, not to sound rude or anything. Before I could process the rest, he ran off into the night. I stood there, watching as he ran off. Could the color of his fur be a hint to who was looking for me?

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