Chapter Fourteen

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Instead of heading home from the forest, we decided to walk around the town to think. We had just discovered the wolf's habitat, which was weird. We always thought that wolves like darkened forests, where it was cold, but still warm enough to live in. This wolf in particular loved the warmth and the light that shone into the forest. How is it that one wolf would actually choose a light-filled forest? The entire discovery was still trying to sink into my brain. It was fascinating.

"Now that we know where he is, we can easily track him." said Marcus, as he grabbed my hand and enclosed his fingers over mine. "How will it be easy? He can change his habitat." I said, looking at him. From the last thing I read about wolves, they can change their habitat to their liking. Since we discovered his first habitat, he may try to re-locate. "He seems to be attached to you. He won't leave that forest since it's closer to your house." he explained, stopping us dead in our tracks. He had a point. Ever since I laid eyes on that wolf, it seemed like it was searching for me. The question is, why is he looking for me? I already know that he was a shapeshifter, but I still had no idea why I had such an intense reaction. Marcus was looking at me, reading the expression that was on my face.

"You're thinking about something, aren't you?" he asked. I nodded as I looked around me. Something just seemed to be off still about this wolf. "If the wolf was attached to me, how would he know where to find me?" I asked. The question had caught him off guard. We had never even realized that the wolf just mysteriously came into the town of Springwell, just to find me. "He must be someone you know." he replied. The thought has occurred one too many times. I have always thought of theories that could connect with this event. The two main theory was that my mother was the wolf or that my mother had another child before I was born. They seemed pretty convincing and also made a lot of sense. Only one theory got destroyed when we discovered the wolf was a male. I had always wondered if I had a sibling. "Have you heard from your father recently?" he asked. "He doesn't even know I'm still here in Springwell or that my mother is dead." I replied. When I was a little girl, I knew my father wasn't a shapeshifter. He would be the last person to think of in this situation. "I'm sorry that I said anything. I just had a feeling." he said. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "It's alright. It is a good thought." I replied. He smiled back and continued to walk into town.

The town of Springwell was colorful. Every shop was either a bright, neon color, the diners and restaurants were a bright red color, and offices were pale blue. You would think that the town was like the inside of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The people you saw on the streets were always in a cheery mood. They would even help you with directions, no matter how annoyed the person was on finding this place. We walked past an old office, but as quick as I saw it, I stopped and went back. "Breanna, what is it?" he asked, walking back to me. I looked up at the sign and read, "Psychic Pattie". "I remember this place." I said.

This place was the office that my mother and I would walk quickly past. The owner of the office, Pattie McPherson, was an old lady who, in my mother's opinion, had lost her mind. I never met her, but from what my mother told me, I should stay clear of her. Everyone went to her office to see what their future would hold and most of the time, she got the predictions right. My mother always refused her service whenever she called the house, until one day, she actually went. When Pattie got a hold of her, she told my mother that something tragic would happen to the family. Sure enough, my aunt was taken into the laboratory a few days after the prediction. That was the last time my mother ever went to see Pattie.

"You have been here?" he asked, pointing to the building. "It's a long story, but I remember that I had to avoid the place when I was little." I replied, looking the building up and down. The building didn't change at all, except for a fresh coat of paint. "Your mother was here before." he replied. I nodded my head, ignoring the lump that was forming in my throat. "It was when she found out my aunt was going to be dragged into a laboratory." I said, my voice cracking a bit. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. I breathed in his scent and felt the comfort he was giving. "I'm sorry." he whispered, hugging me tight.

"Breanna Lawson!" shrieked a voice loudly. Marcus quickly let me go, as I turned around to see who had called my name. There, in the doorway of the office, was Pattie. She was in her regular clothes. A white blouse with a black pencil skirt. Her short, white hair was curled. Her beaming smile was catchy, as I felt the tug of a smile form at my lips. "Mrs. McPherson, how nice to see you." I said, waving. "Why don't you and Marcus come inside." she replied, moving from the doorway. "Are you sure? We wouldn't want to disturb your customers." I said. "No dear, don't be silly. I was waiting for you." she replied. I looked at Marcus, completely terrified. He nodded towards the office, letting me go first. We walked into the office and the smell of lavender filled our nostrils.

"If you don't mind, Marcus, I would like to take Breanna into my office alone." she said, standing next to me. He looked at me, concern filling his eyes. "I'll be okay." I said, as I turned around. She walked in front of me, leading to her office. Inside, there was a maple desk, with a black office chair. A fireplace was lit in the back. She walked behind the desk and sat down, looking me up and down. "I am sorry to hear the passing of your mother." she said. "Thank you." I said, looking around. "I have some news for you that I must share." she said, placing her arms on the desk.

As she said it, I searched her expression for horrible news. There were no signs of horrible news. "What do you have to tell me?" I asked, slouching slightly as I stood. "I believe that someone is searching for you." she said, keeping her voice steady. "What do you mean?" I asked, concerned. If someone from the laboratory was looking for me, I had to get Marcus out of town before it happened. "Someone good is looking for you. I am unsure on who it is, but they have their eyes set on you." she explained. I wonder if she is talking about the wolf we saw. "Do you know if it's an animal of any sort? Marcus and I had come into contact with a wolf a few days ago." I explained, keeping a little information out. "I am not sure, but your mother wanted me to tell you that someone will be looking for you." she replied. My mother lied about coming here again. "Does she know who this someone is?" I asked. I had to know who it was. Why wouldn't my own mother not tell me about this? "Yes I do, but in a few months or so, this person will show up." she replied. With that said, I had left her office and walked outside of the shop. Marcus wasn't too far behind me. "What did she say?" he asked immediately. "In a few months, someone is going to show up to see me." I said.

While we were walking back to my house, I explained everything. "Do you think the wolf will officially reveal himself?" he asked. I took the question into consideration. If he was to reveal himself, I could ask him why I had such an intense reaction to seeing him precisely. "If he does reveal himself, a lot of questions will be asked." I said. As we walked, there was a sudden howl of a wolf. We looked into the forest, but nothing seemed to be there. It was broad daylight out still, so I saw it as a warning.

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