Chapter Eleven

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I felt myself being lifted up, as two strong arms held me close. I realized that it was Marcus. Shortly after swooping me up, Marcus set me down in front of my door. I unlocked the door and walked in, Marcus following. "What the hell was that?" he asked, closing the door with his foot. I started thinking of an explanation. There were no words that could explain what happened without revealing my secret. "I don't know what happened." I said, but I did know. The reason that I had shortness of breath and an ache of sadness in my heart was because of another shifter.

You see, when a shifter is born, it means you are connected to a million of different types of shifters. You are not related, but you are connected in a way. The only type that is very rare is the age shifter, which I am the only one in existence, but there are shapeshifters. A most common type of shapeshifter is the lycanthrope, meaning werewolf. When you come across another shifter, you get this feeling in your heart and your breathing gets shallow. So, I crossed the path of a shapeshifter while going home.

"Breanna, you had a panic attack or something." he replied, walking over to me. My hands went through my hair, as I continued to think of an excuse. I really hate lying to him. It broke my heart that I wasn't able to tell him the truth. "I'm fine, Marcus. I promise." I said. He pulled me into his arms for an embrace. "I know you aren't. Talk to me, Bre." he said. "Do you trust me?" I asked. He pulled away from me for a second to analyze my face. "Of course I trust you." he replied with concern. "Then don't worry about me, okay?" I said. He nodded his head, but he had a sad look in his eyes. He kissed me briefly and then walked towards the door. "Don't go." I pleaded watching him. "I have to. My parents will be wondering where I am." he replied. He quickly came back and kissed my forehead, my cheek, and finally my lips again. "I'll come by soon." he said and then walked out the door. I was alone again.

I walked into my safe haven with the phone in my hand. I explained to the empty room about what happened today at school and with the wolf. If only I had my aunt here to explain what was going on. How did I have a strong connection like that to the wolf? I didn't know any other shifters, let alone have a feeling like that near one. I even think Marcus is finding it strange as well. He's going to put the pieces together and figure out what I am. After that, I don't know what will happen. He could turn me into the scientists who work on shifters like me. I didn't want to end up like my aunt.

I looked over to my mother's nightstand and saw a picture of her. Before she got sick, she was beautiful. Her long, luscious black hair ended at her waist. The pale blue T-shirt that she wore when she went to work. The silver charm bracelet that was clasped to her wrist, which was still in her jewelry box untouched for years. Her ice-cold blue eyes sent chills down my spine. Whenever I looked in her eyes, it felt like she could stare into my soul. Without even realizing, I shifted into what my mother looked like then. The clothes that I wore were too short and ripped. I went into her closet and threw on an old outfit, which was the pale blue T-shirt and black jeans. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped. I look just like the picture of my mother. All I needed to finish the look was the charm bracelet. I couldn't dare touch it, so I left it alone in the jewelry box.

I took the phone into the kitchen with me and decided to call Mr. Brennigan, so he could talk to my mother in person. "Good afternoon, this is Mr. Brennigan speaking." he said into the phone. "Hello, this is Suzanne Lawson calling. I believe that my daughter has been suspended from school today." I explained to him. It felt so weird portraying my mother. It was like having a mother inside a fourteen year old's body. "Yes she was, Miss Lawson. She was caught skipping school and going somewhere prohibited to students. She has been suspended for a day, but I would like to talk to you in person." he said. "When would you possibly like to meet?" I asked, even though I knew the answer. "If you are not busy, could you please meet me at the school right now?" he asked politely. He seemed to show some interest in my mother. Gross. I wasn't going to be my mother for a long time after this meeting. "I will be at the school in a few minutes." I replied and then hung up.

I walked over to the closet and pulled out my mother's favorite coat. The soft feel of the coat on my skin made it feel like I was touching a cloud. The bright red made me look like Little Red. I put on a pair of ankle-length black boots to go with the coat. I grabbed the key to the house and started walking down to the school. As I was walking, I never did see the wolf again. I guess Marcus had scared him or her off really well.

As I arrived at the school, Mr. Brennigan was waiting at the front doors. He opened one of them and moved aside to let me in. "Thank you for letting me meet you. I have never met any of Breanna's principals." I said, looking behind me. "Principals?" he asked confused. "We moved around a lot, so I never really got to meet any of the staff here." I explained. Some of the information was true, but the only problem was my mother was dead. The plan of tricking my principal was genius. Since no one knew that my mother was actually dead, it worked brilliantly.

"Oh. Well, my name is Michael Brennigan, the principal of Springwell Academy." he said, smiling. I smiled back at him, even though it was forced. He gestured towards his office and I walked inside, sitting down in one of the chairs. He shut the door and then sat down behind his desk. "Now, has anything bad occurred to make Breanna behave that way?" he asked. He was starting with the hard stuff already. "Well, her father hasn't been around after the divorce and she hasn't been herself lately." I said. When I said the word 'divorce', I noticed that I had intrigued him. He better not be getting any ideas. "I am sorry to hear that. I have suspended Breanna for a day for her actions. I am not sure if Marcus had put her up to it or not." he replied. I decided to act like I didn't know him. "Who is this Marcus character?" I asked. It stung in my heart that I had to pretend. "From what I hear, Marcus is her new boyfriend." he replied.

I slumped back in my chair, looking defeated. "I didn't know she even had a boyfriend. Our relationship is very thin right now." I said. "Well, I won't keep you for a second longer. You go and strengthen that relationship." he replied, smiling at me. "This will certainly not happen again. I will talk to Breanna." I said. We stood up, shook hands, and then I walked out of the office.

I took my time walking back to the house. I had some time to think and to watch the sunset start. The sky was turning beautiful oranges and pinks. There were no sounds of birds, but a gentle sound of the waves crashing on rocks. The clouds were breaking up, which meant there could be stars spotted tonight. I kept thinking about the wolf the entire time I walked. Could a family member be the case of a strong feeling? If that was the case, could my mother actually still be alive? She could have easily faked her own death. My father didn't even know I still existed, so I already knew that it wasn't my father. A gentle wind blew my mother's hair around her slim face. I closed my eyes and let the wind caress my face.

I got to the house, digging the house key out of my pockets. As I got the key into the lock, I didn't even get to turn the lock before I heard footsteps running up the driveway. This wasn't a good sign. I hope it isn't anyone that I know. "Stop! You're breaking and entering!" shouted a familiar voice.

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