OMG Girlz Love Story With MB(Part 1)

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Characters >>>

Niq : Princess Kay Kay

Bahja : Dasha Williams

Bre : As Me

*Niq Wakes Up To Domani Blasting His New Single "Green Faces" & Step Dad T.i Cooking*

Niq: Omg Domani Harris Turn That Damn Garbage Music Of Yours Down

T.i : What Did You Just Say Niq ?!?

Niq: *Walks Downstairs* I Said "I Love You" *smiles*

T.I: That's What I Thought I Heard *laughs* GoodMorning

Domani: No, She Said "Turn That Damn Garbage Music Of Your's Down "

Niq : *Laughs* Morning

T.i: *Laughs* Is That True , You Hungry Niq

Niq : No , Im Good *Takes a piece of bacon & Goes Upstairs then eats it*

Niq : Eww Nasty Bacon , How You Make Bacon Taste Nasty *Gets dressed & calls Bahja*


Niq: Sup Pink Head

Bahja : Haha Hey My Blue Raspberry Head ! What You Doing ?

Niq : Lol Nothing But My Mom Said " We Better Start Getting Ready For The Meeting With Interscope"

Bahja : Ok See You In A Few Minutes Boo

Niq : See You In A Few Minutes Too Boo Bye

Bahja : Bye & Im Going To Tell Bre

Niq : Ok Thanks

*Convo Ends *

*Bre & Bahja Show Up & They Leave To Go Meet Up At The Tour Bus *

MB : Sup Yall

Bre , Niq & Bahja : Hey *Hugs Them*

Bre : *Whisper's To Niq & Bahja* Damn I Ain't Know Prince Had A Big Head Like That

Bre , Niq & Bahja : *Laughs*

Prince : Ayye I Heard That 

Bre : Boy You Know We Love Your Big Head Self So Don't Even Trip

Prince : Yeah , We Love Yall Too , Even though Yall Think Yall Cute