Chapter 3

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        Peter gets up in horror to what he had done. He decides to take his father's lifeless body downstairs, and bury the other body. He has to do this before his mother wakes up, or if she ever does.

        Peter drags his dad's once alive body down the stairs. His dad's head hits each stair. He grabs a rusty old shovel from the garage, and digs a whole just about bug enough to fit in the man who stabbed his mother. Peter pushes the killer's body in and buries him in dirt.

        Most people would cry, or be terrified to see two dead bodies in one day, but not Peter.
"Door Bell Rings"

        "Not again," sighed Peter.

        Peter opens the door and to his relief it's not another killer. It's just his sister Sarah. She screams in terror when she sees he father on the floor with a bullet wound.

        "What happened here?" she screeched in terror.

        "A robbery. He killed our father," Peter said dully.

        Silence swept the room as they grieved for their father. Peter and Sarah ran upstairs to fortunately find their mother still alive, but barely breathing. They took her to the hospital overnight.

        "Peter?" Whispered mother.

        "Yes I'm here mom," Peter responded.

        "The guy who came into our house, it had to do with the house. Be careful in there," she said weakly.

        "Ok, I love you mommy," Peter said breaking into tears.

        "I know you killed your father Peter..." she screeched.

        At that moment Peter lifted his head, and the last year left his face. His mother went on using the last bit of her energy scolding him. Peter knew what he had to do. He found the chord that went into his mother's vein, and he pulled it out. Peter turned his back to his mother; hearing only the long beep of the flat line.

        He knew at that point that his family was gone. All he had left was his sister Sarah who ran in at that point. Peter realized that he must do everything possible to protect his sister.

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