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CHAPTER:)1 Separating

Bella's POV
I was a vampire now, I really didn't wanna deal with the Collins. They did nothing, but sit around and watch TV. I wanted to go run or cliff jumping, or hunting for Human blood not animals. I wanted to climd the highest tree's and see the water falling back into the sea. I wanted to explore more. I wanted to go out into the real world, not just stay inside with the Collin's, and do nothing. So I make sure I go around Jacob and decide because Alice can't see me past Jacob. So I've decided to go on my own for a year, I don't know if I will return in a year after all the fun I will have, but I have to find a way to sneak out. I will pack all of my cloths, and things, I will tell them I have another meeting with Dr. J. Jenkins.
Today is Sunday, I will leave Tomorrow. I wanna go on my own because I don't wanna stop, and plus they won't let me go hunting for human blood. I wanna see how it feel to hunt human's. I wanna live my own life without them. I can protect my own self now, I have most power anyways, I am a new born

It's 1:36 in the morning the sun haven't rises. I will wait till the afternoon to go. I can't wait the first thing I will do is go to a hotel and prepare myself for the world. I still love them (a little).

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