Chapter 26:Long Time No See

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First of all, i Just realized I started writing this oct-2013 and i'm still not done. I'm soo sorryyy! I did take like a hugee 6-month break so no wonder. Anyways i think things are going to come together now and who knows, maybe a sequel too?
Maybe not. Lol
Gotta figure things out ;)

Chapter 26

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still laying on the bed with my eyes closed.

"Thought I'd give a visit to my favourite girl." He replied. I almost sighed at the voice. It definitely brought back memories.

"I'm your favourite girl?" I asked a smirk playing on my lips.

"By far the best." He said without hesitation. "After all you are my baby sister."

That's all he had to say to have me flying into his arms, my arms tightly wrapped around his neck and my legs hanging in the air as he carried my weight.

"Except my baby sister isn't so little anymore." He grunted.

I jumped out of his arms and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Kol you piece of dog-"

Kol put his hand over my mouth muffling my screams. "Do you have to scream so loud with that squeaky voice of yours?"

I huffed and licked his hand, smirking as he pulled it away repulsed.

"Did you just lick my hand, you're an animal."

"Well, you called me fat!" I countered.

"I certainly did not, I simply called you bigger than the sixteen year old you first were." Kol defended.

"You saw me after that change so I don't understand why you're so surprised." I huffed.

We both stood in silence glaring at each other with our arms crossed over my chest. A lot of people would say that Kol was stubborn, and I could be worst than him at times. I certainly was his sister. Still am.

Suddenly my mind registered what Kol was wearing. Tight, very tight red skinny jeans and a bright yellow shirt.

My eyes watered as I tried to hold on my laugh. "What-what are you wearing?" I managed to ask before I burst into laughter.

Kol huffed angrily, pushing my hunched over laughing form onto the floor. I continued to laugh clutching my stomach as he impatiently tapped his foot.

"And here I was going to thank you for taking that dagger out."

"How'd you know it was me?" I asked once my laughter died down a bit.

"Klaus was so shocked that he saw you. When I awoke, he was sitting on the floor muttering about you. He didn't even see me get up and leave." Kol made a face as he shook his head and helped me up.

I wiped a tear away as I nodded at him. "It is the first time seeing him in over sixty years. A lot has changed." I sighed as I looked him over one more time. "Seriously though, what are you wearing?"

"Give me a break dear sister," He said rather politely as he brushed the non-existing dust off of his too short shirt. "I haven't been alive since 1919. That backstabbing excuse of a brother thinks were disposable beings, gives us life and takes it as he wishes. No more Alexis. Unlike I, you were lucky enough to keep your powers. I'd envy you, but you are the only one to treat me like a family and not a nuisance."

"I'm glad to hear that Kol," I said patting his back comfortingly. "But if you wish to get any action in this day and age, you better change that style of yours."

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