Peaceful Turmoil|Chapter One

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| Keonna In MM|


One month later

In the city of dreams Keonna was pursuing her dream. Too bad she couldn’t enjoy being back in her home of three years because of the fifteen hour work days she endured. New York had become the mecca for fashion enthusiast during this time of year. Keonna had been there for a total of two weeks, a part of the team setting things up for the biggest show yet. Her days were filled with all black attire and bruised finger tips. She was appointed many jobs. She did whatever she could to add puzzle pieces to complete the bigger picture that the Alexander Wang consumers would see in just two days.

Today was different from any other day she’d spent in the city though. This day they’d gotten off early, around seven instead of two in the morning. This gave her ample amount of time for rest. As she walked out of the upper east space that had become the offices of A. Wang for the past couple weeks, and where the fashion show would be held, she fantasized on how heavenly the thousand thread count sheets would feel on her skin and how rested she would be when she awoke in the morning.

“Hey, what are you going to do?” one of her co-workers directed to her. She didn’t know the girl prior to coming to NYC because she worked at the New York head quarter while Keonna was at the LA base. The girl was young, with a reserved appearance. She had a brown mousy bob that she had the habit of tucking behind her ear every so often. She also wore chic black oversized glasses. Her wardrobe was also really chic for her demeanor and confidence. Keonna could tell she lacked pride.

“I’m going to bed. I need it.” Keonna yawned. She thought that would be the end of the conversation but it wasn’t and the girl continued.

“That sounds like no fun.” She said. “Most of us are going to dinner at Dylan Prime and then getting a few cocktails after.” She told Keonna.

“Nah…” Keonna shook her head. “I would, but I’m just so tired. I think I’m gonna order room service and then crash.”

“Don’t be a party pooper.” The girl urged. She was more vocal than Keonna had judged her to be. She was sort of taken back by the whole thing. “It’s the only night off and you need to come out and have fun.”

Keonna yawned again. She’d yawn five times in the last two minutes. She was in the middle of a yawn attack and her body needed sleep, she wanted sleep like fuck, however she knew the girl wouldn’t leave her alone. Being in the atmosphere of great people was good and even though she wanted her bed more than anything right now she agreed to go.

“I’m in.’ she slightly sighed. Welp, those 10 hours were a great wish she thought before her head collapsed on the window.

The black SUV that chauffeured them around for the past couple weeks hit a u-turn and floated to Manhattan, at least that’s what Keonna thought happen. She was so drowsy and the light drizzle that had hit the city wasn’t helping her heavy eyes. She wanted nothing but sleep at this moment and the rain was entrancing her, but what ruined that was abrupt stop in front of the city’s best steak house Dylan Prime.

Groggily she emerged from the truck and followed her colleges inside the building. When they were seated she scanned the menu with her sight at fifty percent. Tiredness was blinding her, so she just ordered what seemed like it could be devoured quickly; filet mignon and spinach fries seasoned with cayenne pepper with a side of parmesan dip. She was right in her guessing because when the food came she absorbed it like a suction cup.

She was left sitting at the table watching everyone else eat and half entertaining talk about what the trends would be for this runway season. It was all drab and she heard nothing, but a head nod and “oh, yeah.” sufficed for them. About an hour in it got to be too much. Her eyes weighed too much and she couldn’t hang any longer. She decided to tell them that she would be taking a taxi back.

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