Honor to us all.

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Chapter 9

Getting a Medal of Honor is one thing but getting two of the most respected medals way different. Today is the day I will be honorably discharged from the Navy with a Purple Heart, and gold star medals of honor. These medals are very hard to get you have to do the most courageous thinking to get one but, both its almost impossible.

I'm very honored to be getting these awards it makes me feel respected and proud of my service. My friends from the military, family from all over and Kellan and his family are all here along with my instructors and of course the man pinning my medals on Mr. President himself.

I'm wearing my formal Navy uniform and I'm ready as they call me up on stage I take a deep breath and listen.

"Today we are here to honor one of the greatest American heros in the now history of heros. Cadence Ritchson I present you with a gold Medal of Honor for your courageous, brave steps you took to keeping your team alive and to bring them back home to their families." He pinned it on my uniform and then continued.

"Now I give you the Purple Heart Medal of Honor after being shot in the heart more than once being tortured to the bridge of death multiple times but, not once did you give up, not once did you stand down to your enemies, and not once did you fail a mission. As I give you this medal I give you respect not just from me, but everyone who trusted you, believed in you, and looked up to you in idolism. The bravest woman I know in the military. Congratulations! HOOYAH!!!" He spoke with clear respect and honesty.

All the other Navy SeALs gave a loud 'HOOYAH!' too as did I. I was very proud of my accomplishments. I walked over to my friend Stella and hugged her tightly.

"Good job caddy!" She congratulated me using my nickname. I thanked her than walked to my family.

"We're so proud of you! My baby!" My mother crushed me in a hug taking the life out of me. I thanked everyone for coming and congratulating me.

"Hey, beautiful." Kellan walked up to me once we got outside to leave.

"Hello yourself handsome." I told him tentatively.
"Let's go home, baby."
"Yes please!" I said tired wanting to go home and rest.

When we got home I took off my little heels and went upstairs to put them in the box then do the same with my uniform. I grabbed one of Kellan's t-shirts and walked out of the closet in my undergarments sadly as I walked out Kellan walked into the room. I almost got away with it... He looked at me his blue eyes now swirling with gold specks of lust.

"No, no, no...!" I put his shirt on and ran to the bed and got under the covers.

"Y-you don't w-want me?" He stuttered sadly as his eyes brimmed with tears. Oh, no he took it the wrong way.

"No, baby I was joking!" I said as I walked over to him and hugged him. He looked down at me and his eyes filed with lust again. I nodded my head in agreement. His head swooped down as he captured my lips with his own and picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. I started to unbutton his shirt as he licked my bottom begging. No! Demanding entrance with I granted not want to wait any more...

Narrators POV/ me Kylie

All you could hear from their room was moans, grunting, and heavy breathing. The love they had was so strong with an unbreakable bond no one could tear the love they had from each other. No one could change the way they feel about each other.

Cadence POV

I woke up the next morning with my head on Kellan's bare chest which looked very good with the thin layer of sweat that coated it from the events of last night that came flooding through my mind. I went to get up but, realized it would be hard because I was again like last time. You guessed it sore down there. I hurt worse this time around... Curse you were wolfs and you huge stuff... I poked Kellan until he woke up.

"What?" He asked groggy from just waking up, but his sexy morning voice was making a puddle form between my legs. Kellan must have noticed be cause he immediately shot up and looked at me with lust... Here we go again!


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