About Demigods Unite!

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        Hello guys, it's Ryanmythica and I am here writing this from my POV! From here on, I'll be posting my "book discussions" every Sunday.

        Demigods Unite! was probably the funnest story I've written so far because it nearly touches on something that actually hapenned to me. All of the legacies in this story are literally people I once knew (except IRL, they're humans, not legacies). Matt was actually at a point an enemy to me. I actually went to a local gaming convention where I was nervous that this kid Matt would show up there. My anxiety over this thought inspired an idea. I (at the time) enjoyed mythology, so I created this exciting plot where I could put a spin on my life and turned it into a suburban life where me and my friends are descedants of Apollo. I made Matt also a son of Hades based upon his meaness and immaturity. I honestly believe that this was a really excellent story of mine that I enjoy reading when sad or lonely.

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