Cameron's POV

I called Mrs. Grier and she agreed that Hayes would live with me and that Nash will be grounded and he has to maybe give up Ryan.

Hayes I think is finally out of surgery.
Poor El has been broken down, I can tell that she really loves him, and I'll be happy if they end up together.

A nurse came out and started looking around. Finally she spotted us and walked over.

"Hey are you Nash Grier?"
"No I'm Cameron Dallas but Hayes lives with me."
"Ok so Hayes is okay, he is awake now but only one visitor at a time so he isn't overwhelmed."
"Okay thank you, what room."
"Oh sorry ,room 217"
I looked over at El, she has those puppy eyes.
"You can go first."
She jumped up and ran.

El's POV

Dad said I could go first so I jumped up and ran.
213,215....ah 217
I barged right in.
"Hey Eleyphant" he said weakly.
"Hey hayesboo"
I walked right up to him and kissed him.
This kiss had passion,love and desire.
We pulled away after a couple of minutes.
he had a huge grin on his face from ear to ear.
"I'm gonna leave cause Cameron needs to talk to you."
"We will finished what we started later."
I felt the heat rise to my cheeks.
I got to the waiting room and dad left to see hayes.

*30 minutes later*

Dad came back out and said Hayes can leave so we got him ready.


Finally we were home, dad had to go to an important meeting so it was just me and Hayes.
We started kissing and soon things started to get heated and......

* an hour later*

I woke up and saw that I was only in my underwear and a t-shirt. that was the best time of my life.
I slipped on some shorts and headed downstairs to make lunch.
I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waste.
I turned around and saw Hayes wearing sweatpants and no shirt.
"You know that was the most fun I've ever had"
"Well hayesboo are u saying you've haven't had fun with me before?"
"Well..... umm..... I have but this was the best."
I gave him a quick peck on the lips before I skipped out of his grip and ran downstairs
I was gonna go get a shower when I felt the urge to puke.
I disposed of my lunch and breakfast.

*1 week later*
I've been constantly throwing up, and dads worried. Hayes left a week ago to visit his family for 3 weeks so he'll be home in 2 weeks.
Today dads taking me to the doctor cause we are worried but I haven't told him I missed my period this week .
I know I can't be pregnant it's not possible.
The only time me and Hayes done it was last week was it protected?

We waited in the doctors office until they called my name.
I sat down on the bed counter thing.
"So what seems to be the problem?" She said looking at her files.
"Well I have been throwing up at every meal the past week"
"Ok have you missed your period?"
"Yes actually it's 4 days late"
"Ok so I'm going to have you pee in this cup"
I peed in the cup and handed it to the doctor she would be back in a minute.
God I hope I'm not pregnant I'm too young to be a mother.

She walked back in with a smile on her face.
No this can't be happening.
"Schedule you appointment for next month"
"Thank you.

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Chapter 19

El's POV

I walked over to the front desk and schedule my appointment.
I turned around and saw dad waiting patiently shaking his leg, I've found that he has been doing that a lot when he is nervous.

"Hey dad"
"Hey what's wrong?"
"I'll tell you when we get home"

We finally got home. my nightmare just started.
I went down to my room and packed a bag. I took it upstairs and put it near the door.
I came in too see dad eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen island.

He turned around "so are you gonna tell me what's wrong"
I took a deep breathe
"Daddy I'm pregnant"
He dropped his bowl of cereal and his eyes widen.
"Please tell me this is a joke?!"
I shook my head no, a few tears escaping.
I turned around and headed to the door, picking up my bag. I was almost out the door when dad said "Eley baby wait!"
I turned around facing him, I expected him to yell at me instead he came and hug me.
"Well get through this together I'm not having you leave again."
"Daddy Hayes is the father."
"I figured baby, how are u gonna tell him?""i don't know but I have to weeks to figure it out."
We sat down on the couch me in his arms.
"Well what do you want it too be a girl or a boy?"
"I don't care as long as it's healthy"
"When's you next appointment?"
"Next month."
"Ok after the appointment we will start getting the baby's room ready cause there is more room in the basement for another room."
"Ok daddy in tired Ima get some rest"
"Ok night"
I walked downstairs.
How am I gonna tell Hayes?
I fell into a deep sleep with that question in my mind.

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