My life

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I grew up in a very small town in England. We never had much but we had each other and that's what counted the most. We had to learn how to stick up for our selfs and know what to do in situations which most teenagers would even dream about knowing, and to be fair shouldn't really have to, but we did because if we didn't God knows what could have happened. My family consists of me my mam my dad and my sister who is also the same age as me. We both had it rough living in such a place where we both grew up seeing things nobody should have saw. But we both fell in love with one thing and that one thing pretty much kept us going, that was dancing.

My names iona and I have long curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My sisters called Jodi she has long brown hair and green eyes, to be honest we don't really look the same at all but we both shared the same hobbies and dreams. Where both now 27 and live in America to for fill those dreams.

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