Calida (Cali) James

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I stumbled to the top of the hill and stood on top and gazed at the camp below. I finally saw a big house and walked to it. People stared and whispered to others. I didn't hear what they said and I don't care anyway. While climbing the stairs to the house I saw a guy sitting on the porch drinking diet cola. Weird..... I then walked inside and stumbled across a man in a wheelchair. "Do you know where I can find Chiron?" I asked him. He then stood up and his legs disappeared and he turned into................a centaur? "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........." I stood there dumbfounded. He chuckled, "hello. My name is Chiron. How can I help you." I handed him a letter that I was told to give him. He read it and nodded slowly. "It's very unlikely that we get a letter from a godly parent. Hephaestus seems to make sure you made it safely here. Alrighty then! I'll walk you to the Hephaestus cabin and get you settled in!" I nodded and followed him. We walked to the cabins and walked into what seemed the Hephaestus cabin. There were nails, hammers, trinkets, and other tools were piled on work benches. Chiron found an empty bed and got me some supplies. He told me when dinner was and I nodded trying to sink this all in. He then left to teach archery. There was No other kids were in the cabin so I left to get a better look around. I walked outside and walked past some kids who were talking about a fire that happened in New York City. Whoopsie. I walked a little faster and almost ran into a big building that had smoke coming from chimneys and decided to walk inside. Kids were running around ,with tools and trinkets, to fire kilns and then they all stopped to look at me then continued a second later. Okay I thought. I looked over people's shoulders and said hi and introduced myself to them. Suddenly a large sound like a conch shell filled the air and the other Hephaestus kids pulled out the door. I was swept up in all the commotion that I ended up on the grass out side a pavilion. I smelled food so I let my nose guide me. I sat down with my brothers and sisters and listened to Chiron talk. Soon we got our food and burnt our offerings and sat back down. After dinner we walked down to the amphitheater and listened to the Apollo kids sing, tell poems, and other stuff. I sat alone in the back. I got up last after everybody was gone and watched the fire blaze. I thought I saw a reflection on a little girl on the opposite side but I forgot about that and walked back to the Cabin. I heard giggling and smelt a scary amount of perfume and soon saw 3 girls walking towards me. "Oh look, it's the new kid." Said one girl. "I hear she's a daughter of Hephaestus. I see the resemblance." The other two laugh. "She is probably a non-social, dirty, ugly, little brat." Said another. Okay I thought that s way over the line. I felt my eyes glaze over with gold and red and orange like a fire in my eyes. I feel my body heat up and glow. My feet lift up off of the ground and I hear the grass around where my feet were burning. The sound of faint screams from the girls tells me that they are gone. I hear a galloping sound and feet climbing off. I hear sounds a and soon feel a soft hand of my arm and I feel my self touch the ground again and my eyes return to their normal color. "Looks like we have Another Fire Child." A voice said. I blacked out.

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