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"Well, well, well...Of course you'd be hanging out with her," Madison scoffed. "Thank goodness I broke up with you."

Within a couple seconds, her two minions appeared by her side. Calum didn't bother to reply, he only turned his face away and looked somewhere else.

I sighed, standing up from the table. "What do you want, Madison?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to stop by to see how he was holding up only to see he met a new low," she said, peering down at him. "Can't believe he would go date my enemy right after we broke up."

"First of all, you don't know shit about what's going so don't go strolling on in like you know everything." I said, "Second of all, stop acting like Calum's the bad guy and you're the innocent one. You were the one who was unfaithful during the relationship yet you make it look like Calum's fault. Last of all, nobody cares about your new relationship. Literally no one. So stop going around and boasting about your new guy because frankly, no one cares."

She gave me a stern look, crossing her arms over her chest. "Well, you--um, I, you---UGH, GIRLS, WE'RE LEAVING," she shrieked, not being able to come up with a better comeback.

She walked away, her minions quickly following her. I smiled proudly, quite satisfied with my argument.

"Woo! Go Brooklyn!" Michael cheered as some people applauded me.

I smiled at them and returned to my seat. Everything went back to normal, as if Madison never even disrupted us in the first place. Soon the bell rang and we began to pack up and throw away our trash.

"Thanks..." I heard Calum say.

I looked up to find him in front of me, his nervous eyes casted at the ground. "Thanks for standing up for me..." he murmured.

I smiled, "No problem."

"Brooklyn! You coming?" Luke called from afar, waiting for me.

"Yeah, hold on!" I replied.

"Hey, how 'bout I walk you to class?" I offered as I turned to Calum.

"Uh sure...but won't you be late for your own class?" he said.

"Oh! Right! Gosh darn it, sorry," I said, face palming myself.

He chuckled before leaving, "See ya."

I waved good-bye before catching up to Luke.


Ever since we talked to him, we've grown closer as friends. Now, we sit together with the others everyday. Michael, sticking to what he said, continued to refuse to talk to him. And Luke being Luke, he copied Michael. Leah would talk to him here and there, but would still think he was scary. Fortunately, Calum didn't mind the fact that the others didn't talk to him that much.

We bonded over the past few weeks through break, Spanish, and lunch. We conversed and sometimes he would rant to me about ongoing problems in his life. He was a genuinely nice and cool guy. He also enjoys music and football. He's a pretty funny guy too! I was still puzzled over why Madison broke up with him, he seems like such a great guy.

"Attention everyone. Before the bell rings, I want you all to know that you guys have an upcoming project coming up--"

The whole class groaned, interrupting her. She paused for a moment before continuing, "As I was saying, you will have a project and it will be on something about Spanish culture."

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